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My Quest for the Best Deals and Online Shopping

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay
#HappilyUnemployed ...
I am so happy to state that this is my occupation as of 1st of April.  No Sir ,nothing to do with an April fools joke...
I will fully quit my job and chose to be a stay at home mom. I am now going to read all the books I buy , try all the recipes I want to , surf as much of cable TV as I pay for...
Clean up as much as I should(this was hubby dears statement after reading over my shoulders-they should coin a new age adage.... something like eve-readers never read good stuff etc)
I have recently relocated to Maximum City-Mumbai...
As you can see in my bio. What a journey it has been...Ranchi to Jalandhar and now Mumbai.
Methinks, the only soul to have suffered too much is poor sweet dog romeo...
Today, he has been Horn of all his crowning glory as Lhasa Apso 's find it difficult to bear this hot and humid climate.
I can't upload his picture right now...he looks like an UNDOG...
Ugly naked dog (as Phoebe loved calling some neighborhood dog...Friends Season1) .
Being home and #HappilyUnemployed is gives me all the time to scout around sites for fantastic deals and sales.
I am pretty loaded as of now 5lots if shopping money. Just quit and suddenly have all dues etc pouring in.  I may feel a little magnanimity creep in wait!!!
Its gone. ( THANK GOD)
The new Zenfone 2 is going to be available only online  around the end of April 2015. It is predicted to be only the best phablet in the market.
Drool ,drool...
Maybe better deals for mobiles or a tablet that I can search for on Flipkart coupons for mobiles  via tracking websites like . One  is always assured great savings here.
Maybe I'll just use my time to read books. I am a voracious reader.
I live vicariously, through the protagonists I read about. I boil in their anger ,feel their pain and cry in their joys . So its more like a necessity.
Books are always welcome in my home.
I would like to check out the   Snapdeal coupons for books . The printed rates on most books are generally too steep and when you know that  books will lovingly be dusted and looked after in your home.... you still lust for coupons.
And snapdeal always gives a snapping good deal.
And while we are at it,I don't need my school stuff to wear now. I intend picking up some sporty chic and dress closer to my own age...not like an old school Marm any longer.
I've been missing all of Jabong's flash sales of 90%off on select stuff only because I was never home. I was trying to drill some history into teenager skulls at that time. So I would welcome some
Jabong coupons coming my way. 
I intend shopping for some jazzy footwear and tees for my walks into the hidden alcoves of Mumbai City. Maybe tie up with some fellow bloggers and go on my own discovery mission of this city.
So shopping before will be a great idea.

Join me ,in my quest for great deals and Savings. Take off from here and enjoy fantastic prices and savings. 

So what are you waiting for???

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