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My Life ,My Love, My Smartphone! Social media-Mobile Vs Web -How It Has Impacted My Life.

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay

My life ,My love, My Smartphone! Social media-Mobile Vs Web -How it has impacted my life.

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My smart phone is an extension of myself.My hand feels incomplete without it.Without my phone, I wouldn't know the time of the day ,or be able listen to my favorite song ,or keep a track of my daily TV dose - Yup, I watch web'ivision' and you tube is my haven.People need a pen or a paper to write- me...I'm good with my phone. My words don't come out on paper ,and they are reluctant to see the light of the day when I try to tap on the hard undulating keys of the laptop. However, my words caress the white space on my tiny 5inch screen ....There's more love here that between Fawad Khan and his wife( yeah...which Indian husband or boyfriend have you seen holding his wife's blingy clutch ,while she clings to his black lady??? Filmfare award ...Come ' on tell me!!!)I read my ebooks on my phone .My fingers wouldn't be able to bear the weight of a Kindle. I use my smart phone as a camera ,as a diary ,as a mirror to check my lenses...It is my link to the world. The first thing when I wake up , I need to check my mail(as if I am Indrani Nooyi and the next tanker of Pepsi will not be loaded without my consent- can't blame a woman for living in hope).I blog like a woman obsessed using my phone. If I had to use the laptop, I probably would do only half the amount of blogging. I can call myself a freelance content writer because I am 'Free' to key in my words into my MS Office app anywhere. Especially when I am in company that is excruciatingly B-O-Ring! So when people are exchanging useless social pleasantries, I am taking advantage of the fabulous social media I have access to.People really think I am all about checking the inane jokes that Float in Whatsapp"-esphere"... Really!!! If I was not following Jeremy Clarkson in Twitter, I would have missed the craziness of 7 goals in the last FIFA world cup.We were quite rudely jostled from sleep that night by the constant vibrations of the tweet notifications. Since neither hubby dear nor I were keen on walking out of the air conditioned comfort of the bed room into the warm as an oven TV room ,we saw the match on YouTube. Crazy ,but true.I sometimes wonder how many hours I would last without my phone. Its not as much for calling as it is for the Internet. Its my favorites waste of time...Instant connect in the palm of my hands.Even God doesn't answer your prayers as fast as a 756MBPS broadband connection or a 4G network does!My next investment - a smarter smartphone to do justice to the broadband speed.I am not too much of a selfie person-but the Facebook likes and twitter retweets and Favourites add to my blog readership.  Lets face it ,I may write for myself ,but I need others to read my words too.My phone and my connection to the world via my social media network may have made me a slave-but this is a bondage I need ,I love .A great raison d'etre.My reason to be.

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