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My Latest in Palate Press: Burgundy 2016: Bad Weather, Brexit, and Beyond

By L.m. Archer @lmarcherml

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Palate Press |  Burgundy 2016 : Bad Weather, Brexit and Beyond

by L.M. Archer

My latest in Palate Press: Burgundy 2016: Bad Weather, Brexit, and Beyond

Burgundy’s weather damage in Chambolle-Musingy’s Les Amoureuses, owned by Comte-Georgesde-Vogüé.

" data-orig-size="500,375" title="Scott-Paul-Chambolle-Musingy-LesAmoureuses-Comte-Georgesde-Vogüé" data-image-title="Scott-Paul-Chambolle-Musingy-LesAmoureuses-Comte-Georgesde-Vogüé" data-orig-file="" style="width: 716px; height: 716px;" height="716" width="716" data-medium-file="" data-original-height="716" alt="Chambolle-Musingy-Les Amoureuses-Comte-Georgesde-Vogüé | Image Credit: Scott-Wright - Caveau Selections." data-original-width="716" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"2.2","credit":"","camera":"iPhone 6","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1465846055","copyright":"","focal_length":"4.15","iso":"50","shutter_speed":"0.01","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-large-file="" /> Chambolle-Musingy-Les Amoureuses-Comte-Georgesde-Vogüé | Image Credit: Scott-Wright – Caveau Selections.

In Burgundy, the year 2016 is proving an annus horribilis of ruthless proportions.

Crushed between the Scylla and Charybdis of catastrophic hail and frost damage in April and May, followed by humidity and passage of Brexit (the British exit from the European Union), Burgundians strain to retain their trademark composure amidst the carnage.

Admits Pierre-Henry Gagey, President of Maison Louis Jadot, “Everyone is very anxious…It’s really very difficult to know [the impact] right now, but we will know at time of harvest.” Read more.

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