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My Knight in Shining Diaper Or How My Baby Saved My Life

By Peppertan

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Mine is 71 cms. tall and 8.3 kilos heavy. Instead of a flashy cape, he wears a drool-drenched bib with cute prints. My hero is none other than my 5-month old baby boy.

Before he came into my life, I was a hopeless mess. I was in a desperate quest to find Mr. Right because I used to think that without a partner in life, I was nothing. So I searched high and low for a man to meet my emotional needs.

I signed up for online dating sites left and right, and actively chatted with prospective partners. I never realized that dorks in sheep’s clothing were a dime a dozen. It was frustrating how I kept dating losers.

When my baby boy was born, everything has surprisingly changed for the better. He has rescued me from the doldrums. It’s almost a miracle how I no longer see the value in scavenging for a life partner. I realized that I already have everything I need to be happy.

My eldest daughter is happy, healthy and proves to be a smart young lady, save for her occasional intellectual diatribes on life as a tween. My baby boy is healthy and thriving.   What more could I ask for?

Sure it would be nice to have a man to hold hands with as we walk towards the sunset, but the idea is not something I pine away for anymore. I am content with my kids and the joy they bring me- dirty diapers and all.

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