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My Grandma Turned Gangster After Nearly A Year Of No Contact

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


I hadn’t heard from my Grandparents in best part of a year, I hadn’t heard from my parents in over 6 months. So why today did she turn Gangster at my home? ID 10044394 My Grandma Turned Gangster After Nearly A Year Of No Contact

Then today my Grandma turned up and went Gangster style hammering at my front door and window. Shouting at me through the letter box to “open the f*cking door” – her words not mine. My Grandma is in her late 70s so this was some shock!

She must’ve walked round the houses ‘cause next minute when I thought she was gone she was hammering my back door. First thought was ‘bugga I hope I locked it’.

I ran upstairs and hid under my duvet like a scared little school girl.

She didn’t leave quickly either, she was consistent and was there nearly half hour. I was actually tempted to call the police. I didn’t know what to do.

I bet you’re thinking why didn’t I just open the door? Why hide and ignore her?

Well you see my family aren’t the easiest of people. I was sworn to stay away from my own family members funeral only 2 months ago, so this was a very unexpected ‘visit’ and being heavily pregnant now I really don’t need the stress.

What I don’t get is why now? Why nearly a year after no contact?

I have tried and tried and they have never been bothered – that goes for any of my family members. I’ve never fitted in, always felt like an outsider but that’s another story. What I want to know is why did my Grandma go Gangster at my door? Was I wrong to ignore her? Maybe, but why not leave a note?

Why hammer my door down then leave without even so much as a note? They have my number or at least should have from my calls I’ve tried to make to them and I can easily be found on Facebook.

They clearly have my address so why wait this long to get in contact? They missed my children’s birthdays and mine so can’t see why Christmas would be a big excuse to try again.

Was I wrong to ignore her?


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 My Grandma Turned Gangster After Nearly A Year Of No Contact

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