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My Favourite Music Podcast Right Now: Every Single Album – Taylor Swift

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

As a 39-year-old cis straight white man, the last thing I need anywhere in media is more representation - but, there's something that feels nice and that was missing for me, and that was a guy who resembles me enough that I feel a connection, talking with grand praise and appreciation for Taylor Swift.

Yes, that Taylor Swift, the one I have followed and admired as a fan since Tim McGraw. The one I've written thousands of words about. The one who has won three Album of the Year awards at the Grammys. That Taylor Swift.

And on Every Single Album - Taylor Swift ( ), co-hosts Nora Princiotti and Nathan Hubbard have in-depth conversations about T.Swifts albums, the songs, the stories, the business, the behind-the-scenes, and more as we approach the release of Fearless (Taylor's Version).

Taylor Swift Announces Fearless (Taylor's Version) for 2021 Release

I'll be honest, I would have listened to the first episode of this podcast if anyone had been announced as Nora's co-host, or vice versa with Nathan. I am that far in on Taylor. But, having a voice and personality that I know and like from her NFL coverage (Nora) teamed up with someone that has music industry insight and informed fandom (Nathan) is a wonderful combination.

And, you know what else, I really enjoy that they both like love Taylor Swift!

Over her career it has been way to easy to watch or read or listen to people shit on Taylor Swift because of her age and doubting her ability (or that she did the work she was credited with) or her dating life, or her move from country to pop, or any number of other things. And because it was easy, it was done. Over and over and over again. But now, as we get ready for the release of the re-recordings and we still celebrate the folklore and evermore (including Swift's third Album of the Year Grammy), this podcast is much more supportive of Taylor Swift, and it's enjoyable.

That isn't to say there isn't criticism here. Each podcast includes discussions about which song(s) Nora and Nathan would cut from the track list. Each album gets a grade (and it isn't all just boring straight A+ across the board) and there is talk about direction and cohesion and more. And I like that balance and recognition that they need to be at least a little less than full on fan-boy and fan-girl about this discography.

Look, the reality here is that if you don't like Taylor Swift as much as I do (or maybe a little less) this podcast may not be for you.

BUT, maybe you're indifferent and want to hear a compelling argument from hosts who are good with their words. Or maybe you want to hear the business angles you've never listened to before. Or, maybe you love Taylor Swift way more than I do and you just want to celebrate every album from her debut to evermore with Nora and Nathan. If any of those things are the case, then I do highly recommend that you hit play on Every Single Album - Taylor Swift and give it a listen. And then keep listening as they work through all nine releases.

Because these podcasts do go chronologically through T.Swift's catalogue, I'm not going to give you a selection of top choices here. But I am sharing the premiere episode to make it even easier for you to start listening right now.

Thank you to Nora for her fandom and ability to explain living through these songs and albums in ways that I didn't and never could. And to Nathan for giving the insight I don't have from deep in the industry and also for being a dude in the same age bracket as me who isn't ashamed to be into these albums and this artist and appreciate her work and stardom.

I've written a lot about Taylor Swift in the past and I'm sure I will again in the future. But for now I'm perfectly content listening to two good podcasts hosts do the work.


My Favourite Music Podcast Right Now: Every Single Album – Taylor Swift

My Favourite Music Podcast Right Now: Every Single Album – Taylor Swift

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