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My Fav Nail Colors of the Season + Swatches

By Kellabella @kellabel
This post is going to feature some of my favorite nail colors I've collected this season along with swatches. If you read my blog you might know that I'm really into nail polish, I always have been but my obsession has gotten worse over the year.  I used a nail wheel to swatch each color so you can hopefully see what it looks like outside of the bottle. As you can see I marked each color with a number right above and that corresponds to the descriptions below. I wanted to narrow it down to just 10 colors but I couldn't do it, narrowing it down to 13 was even hard. I hope you enjoy this post :)
1.Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors
A Teal Jelly based color that has some gold, green and blue glitter packed in. It reminds me of the little mermaid's outfit, a really pretty color and in the sun the glitter shines! You can wear this polish alone or you can layer it with another color. The picture on the color wheel is 3 coats and you need at least 3 to get it opaque.  So it does take a little longer to dry than others but if you have either one of those polishing dryer sprays or a good fast dry top coat like Seche Vite then its not a big problem, for me anyway. I bought this at Walgreens for $1.99
2. Chinchilly by Essie
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES A creme based gray with a slight tinge of taupe in it. It's such a great color for the fall. I looked everywhere for this color a few months ago and thankfully found it. The application is extremely easy with 2 thin coats. I've heard some people say its too dull, I guess it depends on your preference. I love glitter and shiny colors but I also love a solid creamy gray too. I bought this at CVS for $7.99

3. Burgundy Frost by Wet n Wild Wild Shine
A deep shimmery red with a major glow. How am I not going to love a polish that only cost 69 cents!!, (even at full price which is only 99 cents) and has a great formula? Of course I am! I was a little bit spectacles at first, bc of course there are those times when you truly get what you paid for. Not this time though, it went on smoothly and you only needed 2 coats to get that deep rich color. I didn't have any chipping problems either but I usually don't bc I make sure I use 2 top coats. One for anti-chipping and one for that glossy professional look. I got this at CVS on sale for 69 cents but normal price for these are only 99 cents.
4. Gold Jewl FX by Milani
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES A bottle full of awesome bright gold hex glitter! The size of the glitter flecks are huge. I had to have this when I saw it. The application is a little tricky especially when wearing it alone. You need about 3 coats to wear it by itself. You have to apply this in a dabbing motion since the glitter always wants to gravitate towards the tips. But the pay off is worth it and even better this color is perfect for layering on top of other colors. I bought this at CVS for $5.99
5. Purple Gleam by Milani's One Coat Glitter MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES This is so much more than just a purple glitter, from the pics and at first glance of the bottle that's what it looks like but once I started applying it on my nail, I started to notice a mix of true purple, normal purple and light black glitter! When do you ever see black glitter? I love it! The glitter is a very fine micro glitter that's packed in the base so it makes it easy to build up. One coat wasn't enough coverage for me, 2 coats dries extremely gritty and matte. But its nothing a few coats of a decent top coat wont fix. Once I applied the top coat it was smooth and shiny. That's why it's not a regular purple glitter. I bought this at CVS for $5.99
6. Silver Coin by Revlon's Heavy Metallic Series 
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES If you love metallic/foily finishes then you'll probably love Revlon's new line as much as I do. It's a very sparkly, metallic, foil shade that is opaque in just one coat! I used 2 coats just from force of habit. But if your looking for a good one coater then this is it. It applies so easily I couldn't believe it. It's also a fast dry top speed color and it really does dry extremely quick. It reminds me of a gorgeous piece of tin foil. Until recently I cant remember the last time I even looked at Revlon's nail polish but they've came along way as far as their nail polish. I bought this at Rite-Aid for $4.99
7. What's your name by Sinful Colors
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHESThis is another jelly by Sinful Colors, this has a black base and is packed with duo chromatic micro glitter that flashes blue or purple depending where the light hits it. From just looking at the bottle you would think it was your normal black with a tint of light glitter but its so not! Put this color up to the sunlight and you see all these tiny flecks of glitter along with some blue and purple flashes. It's gorgeous.I only needed 2 coats to get it opaque. I really like Sinful Colors, the price is great, I like their brushes a lot and the formula seems to be good especially considering the price. I bought this at Walgreens for a $1.99. That's the most you'll ever pay for these, a lot of times they have sales where there only 99 cents each. So look out for those!
8. Scandal by Sinful Colors
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES No sparkles, glitter, just a regular creme polish in such a pretty pink. I cant say its a pale or pastel pink and i cant say its a bright hot pink color. It's definitely in between and its the perfect color pink for me. It might not be your usual fall/winter shade but I don't feel the need to follow those color rules. It's actually a barbie pink, that just came to be as I was looking at the bottle. I loved how easy the application is, the first coat looks a little sheer but as soon as you apply the 2nd coat its completely opaque, you could apply 3 coats for a deeper pink if you wanted. As you can tell I'm really liking Sinful Colors. I didn't buy this one, I won this from a giveaway a few months back but if you were to go and buy it then it would be in the 99 cents to $1.99 price range.
9. Blue Lagoon by Revlon
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES I bought this the other day because it reminded me of a great base color for Christmas nail art ( white snowflakes) would look perfect with this shade. Plus I thought it was soo pretty! It's from Revlon's Summer 2011 Romantics collection. It's basically a light baby blue with really pretty iridescent shimmer. Again, 2 coats is ideal, you can do 3 coats to make it a tiny more opaque if you want. This was also $4.99 at Rite Aid
10. Gold Coin by Revlon 
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES This is another fab from Revlons Heavely Metal Collection. Its a shiny chrome gold that is opaque with just 1 coat (if you wanted to) but of course I applied 2. Even though this color isn't from the fast dry top speed collection it dried just as quick. The formula couldn't have been any easier to apply, sometimes metallic colors tend to get streaky but I haven't seen any of that with this collection. This is the perfect Christmas or New Years eve shade. Picked it up a few months ago at Rite- Aid for $4.99.
11. Fierce by Revlon 
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES As soon as I saw this violet foily silvery colored polish called Fierce I immedieatly thought of Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model screaming "fierce" lol. I love the color either way. Can you tell I like Revlon;s new nail polish line? Thanksgiving week I did a mani with this color and painted my two ring fingers Silver Coin by this same line. Click here to see the awseome combination. Again, the formula was super easy to apply and easily could be a one coater. I honestly didn't see much of a difference between the one coat and 2 coats and it dried fast. Revlon's on a roll, I hope they come out with more great colors. $4.99 at Rite-Aid.
12. Laser by Sally Hansen's HD collection 
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES I really do love this color, but it had to grow on me for a while. These HD colors are very very sheer and take about 3 to 4 coats plus the formula is very thin.  I think thats what threw me off at first but then after wearing it for a few days I loved it! This is a medium blue with bright flashes of pink/purple shimmer and its really noticible in the sun. I wasn't expecting to get so many compliments on this but I did. It goes on pretty smoothly but like I said you need a few good coats to get it to an opaque level. If you dont want to wear this alone it would be perfect for layering. I havent tried to layer it yet but I plan on it. This is the first color I bought from their High Definition line. After I try layering this color with another color I will decide if I would buy another one from this line. Then if you top it with a coat of Seche Vite it makes it look even better!! I got this at CVS for $5.99
13. Lavender Cloud by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
MY FAV NAIL COLORS OF THE SEASON + SWATCHES Last but not least is a creamy very pale lavender, almost like a nude color. No shimmer, glitter or chrome colors. I only used this color once but depending on how dark you want the color to be you can use either 1 or 2 coats. This would look really pretty with a french manicure or on your toes when your tan in the summer. The only throwback for me is the brush, its one of those short wider brushes that I'm not crazy about. But the color is super pretty.  I got this at CVS for $6.99
Have you guys tried any of these colors, whats your opinion if you have on them?

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