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My Dating Experiences With Polish Girls

By Northernirishmaninpoland

Because I live in Poland now, the likelihood of any girls I date being Polish has increased, naturally. You might have read however that I really love living in Poland, despite some things I hate about it. You might also have read that I am not here because I married a Polish girl or even dated a Polish girl, I abhorr such questions and those who don’t accept my reasons for living here in Poland. However, whether it surprises you or not, I have been on dates with Polish girls, not just in the last three years, but I once went on a date with a Polish girl, Ania, when I lived in England. Now that I am older, and ready to settle down after my long term backpacking bandwagon rolled to a welcome halt, it’s time to be on the lookout for some real love…

Ola Mueller selfies our date in Gdansk, Poland

My Dating Experiences With Polish Girls

Dating Ania in England
Yes, back in 2005, I went on a date with Ania in Bournemouth in England. We never met again sadly, but of course I didn’t forget her nor her passion for being Polish, a country I always enjoyed before I came here.

Dating in Gdańsk 
When I relocated to Gdańsk in 2016, I had a few dates with Polish ladies in and around the city. The worst of these was an arranged date with local traveler Ola Mueller. Ola sadly chose to be cruel towards me, she burnt her bridges and when I left the date, I never wanted to see her lying face again. It actually put me off dating completely for a while, especially when Ola later lied to her “friends”, and to the local peelers.

My Dating Experiences With Polish Girls

Dating in Gdańsk

But I was getting older and apps like Tinder or meeting girls in pubs wasn’t the answer any more. In such a situation we often turn to online dating and sites like My Cougar Dates, where you can certainly meet a lot of new and interesting people, online and of a more mature age. As I mentioned in the case of Ania and Ola, they were both younger than me. It follows a trend when a younger girl dates and older man. But what if the tables were turned?

Dating in Warszawa
Since relocating to the Polish capital, I tested the idea of turning those tables. The situation where we see older women dating younger men. Remember that age is just a number and love has no bounds. This made me realize that experience, wisdom and knowledge can be just as vital in romance, or casual dating as the usual things a guy looks for in a girl.

Now I am single again and it is a time that I have to think about life. I can travel a lot, I can meet new girls in every town, city or country I visit, but she has to be right. It might be a big pipe dream to meet Mrs. Right. She might be Polish, she might be Chinese, she might be Congolese, she might even be Northern Irish. I’m still out looking for this dream girl and whether I find her online, or on the streets of Poland, love is such a beautiful and natural emotion.

Let’s see where life takes me!

Happy dating!

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