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My Blog’s First Video! Costume Jewelry Faves

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

So, I’ve decided to shoot my first video, please be kind.  This is where I shot it in the comfort of my own room.

My Blog’s First Video! Costume Jewelry Faves

I have a very animated face that tends to go in every direction…and for now it’s not about makeup, but my favorite costume jewelry pieces.  So without further adieu I launch my first introduction to my blog’s official YouTube channel :)   I hope I can steal 10 minutes of your time.  And please  mentally delete every “Like” and “Uhhmm” I excessively say in between.  It’s because I went at this without an outline and my cat backed out on holding dummy cards up for me.  I’d like my videos to be  unedited like this because I just don’t have time to nitpick at an edit (save for some opening credits or title text maybe next time).  Group shot of the pieces featured after the video.

Is your computer screen splotched with tomatoes?  I hope I wasn’t irritating.  I find myself really hideous on video, not naman in photos, on videolang because my lips and nose look huge if it isn’t the right angle/lens and my face is very self-conscious when filming.  Here’s a quick group shot of the pieces I just featured.

My Blog’s First Video! Costume Jewelry Faves

I hope I didn’t do too bad I actually got a kick out of it after since I enjoyed doing it after awhile.  ‘Till the next one :) .  Is there anything you want me to feature next time?

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