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My Ballerina Dolls Spotlight: Q and A with Creator Tiffany Koepke

By Ashley Brooke, Kewpie83 @KewpieDoll83

Back in February, I stumbled upon a Toy Fair booth that featured some very pretty Nutcracker themed dolls, aptly named My Ballerina Dolls. I’ve been following the line ever since. Recently, I reached out to Tiffany Koepke, one of the people behind this new line. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. (For those that need a reminder of what was on display at Toy Fair, check out my post on My Ballerina Dolls and/or the video below.)

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired My Ballerina Dolls?
A: I am a professional ballerina and principal dancer with the San Diego Ballet Company. I’ve been dancing since I could walk, so it has always been a huge part of my life. From my ballet experience came the inspiration to create ballerina dolls. I wanted to share my world with children everywhere and also educate them on the stories I know from the stage.

Tiffany and Clara

Tiffany and Clara

Q: How long has this line, My Ballerina Dolls, been in the works? Are you excited that they are about to debut?
A: We have had the idea for some time and honestly never thought My Ballerina Dolls would ever come to existence! We have worked for two years perfecting the Clara Marie and Nutcracker doll. We strived to master the true look of a ballerina and create dolls that were quite ethereal. We are thrilled to have them on the market and to share them with children.  And adults too!

Q: What are My Ballerina Dolls?
A: These gorgeous dolls stand tall at 22 inches. They are ball jointed and able to be posed in all the classical ballet positions. The facial features are more whimsical and fairy like than any doll I have seen. Their clothes were designed with such detail and quality that they take after a true ballet costume.



Q: What makes My Ballerina Dolls different from other dolls currently on the market?
A: They are a unique size, therefore they’re very eye catching. It is special that they can move in all the ballet positions and can be an educational tool, as well. Introducing children to french ballet terms and spelling of words is a definite bonus! Also, an illustrated book of our version of The Nutcracker is offered. Kids can listen to the storybook while holding their very own ballerina doll.

Q: Because they’re resin, these will catch the eye of many ‘ball jointed doll’ (BJD) collectors. I’m assuming My Ballerina Dolls are wigged. Is the wig removable or glued on? Do these dolls have a removable head cap underneath the wig to allow you to change their eyes?
A: Yes, the dolls are wigged. They are attached with a velcro piece and can easily be changed out. They do have a head cap if someone did so choose to change the eye color.

Toy Fair 2015- My Ballerina Dolls (Nutcracker)
Q: I don’t see the Prince on your website yet. When should we expect to see him?
A: Not yet! We will be debuting the handsome Prince/Nutcracker in the beginning of 2016!! The anticipation will be something for us all to look forward to.

Q: Do you see these as ‘playline’ dolls or ‘collector’ dolls? What is the suggested age range on these dolls?
These are created as a play toy doll for children of all ages. They are so lovely in their package that they would also make wonderful collectors items; Great for all!!!

Young Ballerina with Clara

Young Ballerina with Clara

Q: You are currently focusing on the Nutcracker. Do you think you’ll be releasing dolls based on other ballets in the future? What drew you to releasing Nutcracker themed dolls as your first line?
A: Yes! We intend to go through all the classic ballet stories, so there is much more to look forward to in the future. Everybody is familiar with the Nutcracker, especially at Christmas time. We wanted to start with a story that warms the hearts of children and would be a cherished series to keep for a lifetime.

Q: What can we look forward to in the future?
A: A Party Dress with hairpiece and the book are currently available. We will be introducing two new characters from The Nutcracker every season. The costumes will only get more extravagant. In the near future, it will be possible to own every doll in the Nutcracker book. It’s very exciting!

Clara's Party Dress

Clara’s Party Dress

Q: Where can collectors purchase My Ballerina Dolls and/or find out more information on the line?
A: They can be purchased on our website,

Toy Fair 2015- My Ballerina Dolls (Nutcracker)

Now that you know a little about the line, here’s some amazing news! Use coupon code ‘Clara30′ between August 11-31, 2015 and you’ll receive 30% off and free shipping. You only have three weeks to take advantage of this, so I suggest checking out the website if you’re interested in saving a few dollars on Clara.

Toy Fair 2015- My Ballerina Dolls (Nutcracker)

I’d like to thank Tiffany for taking the time to answer my questions. Now, it’s your turn to comment. What do you think of this line? Are you excited about My Ballerina Dolls? Do you plan on taking advantage of the discount code? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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