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My Baby Had Poo In His Lungs – An Unexpected Birth Story

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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My Baby Had Poo In His Lungs – An Unexpected Birth Story

I was 32+6 weeks pregnant expecting my second little boy, everything was going perfect accept the normal aches and pains. That day I had a walk into town with my little boy, I started to get pains but thought nothing of it and put it down to Braxton hicks. As time went on the pains were still there my other half wasn’t due home until 8ish that night.

So at 7pm I bathed and put my little boy to bed, and relaxed until my other half came home. At this point the pains got worse so I sat on my birthing ball hoping they would go, deep down I now knew something wasn’t right. So I rang up the labour ward and explained I was having pains etc., anyway the lady on the phone tried to pass it of as a water infection,.

Iv had water infections before and knew this wasn’t the case, so the midwife told me to drink a pint of water and get in the bath for an hour and if the pains were stil there then to call back. My other half ran me a bath so I went upstairs to get in the bath, all of a sudden I felt the need to go to the toilet, as I sat down I emptied my bowls (sorry for tmi) as that was happening I was sick all over my bathroom floor.

My other half cleaned up all my vomit and I got in the bath. I told my other half to go to sleep as he had to get up early and it was getting late, he couldn’t keep his eyes open. At this point I text my friend while in the bath and asked me her to take me to hospital if I needed to go, I was extremely worried but did not want to worry my partner as I did not expect what was going to happen.

When in the bath the pain eased so I felt more relaxed but deep down new something wasn’t right, So after a hour I got out the bath (the pains got painful again) so I rang the labour ward back, the midwife told me to go into get checked over. So I rang my best friend who was here in seconds, my partner and little boy was both fast asleep so I left a note, but to be honest thought I would be back before he woke up.

We arrived at the hospital to be greeted by a midwife to my delight I knew her very well as I looked after her son in the nursery I use to work at, so felt at ease. The midwife checked my bp etc. and put me on a monitor to check the babies’ heartbeat. After being on the monitor for a while I look at the chart and I could see I was having tightening, I could also see my babies heart beat dipping, I knew this as the same thing happened with my first pregnancy but I was 38weeks with my first pregnancy.

I can’t even remember what was going through my head I just prayed my baby would be ok, it did t sink in what was happening or what could happen. Not long after Naomi (the midwife) came back in and told me what I already knew about the trace on my baby. Next the doctor came in and gave me a internal and sent of a sample of some kind to see if I was in labour, felt like a life time waiting for those results. In the mean time I was given steroid injections.

My results were back I wasn’t in labour, I can’t tell you how happy I was, so I asked if I could go home. I was told I was being admitted, all I could think was my partners got work in the morning I need to go home to my little boy, but of course my unborn baby had to come first so I asked my mother in law to contact my partner and tell him I had been admitted.

I was taken to a ward not long after, and my friend had to leave as the doctor said she had to go now. Just as I was about to close my eyes a doctor entered with a scanning machine. So the doctor strayed to scan me to look at my baby, I saw him on the screen. The doctor looked worried, I started to panic, he then went on starting to talk to the midwife I didn’t understand what he was saying, at this point I started to cry I knew something was wrong. All I can remember is the doctor saying to me we need to deliver your baby your placenta has erupted. My placenta had come away from my baby. I did not know how serious this was at the time.

I quickly texted my best friend who was at my bed side within minutes. I asked the doctor if they were going to induce me as at this point I didn’t know how serious this was, the doctor said no we have to get you down to theatre straight away. I started sobbing my heart out, my biggest fear was having a C-section, but my baby must come first.

I didn’t have time to think, lots of doctors and nurses surrounded me to prep me for theatre. I could not get hold of my mom, my best friend rang my partner who was about to come up the hospital. The doctors would not wait by the time my friend would have got to my house to look after my little boy, for my partner to be by my side it would have been too late, I really didn’t want to do this on my own so my best friend stayed.

I was now in theatre with my friend holding my hand, I was still crying; scared my baby wouldn’t make it. Within minutes my baby was out. I could not here him cry, I was panicking shouting is my baby ok, I got no reply all of a sudden I heard him cry. I can’t even explain how happy I was to hear him cry. They rushed him to intensive care, .

My baby was born at 4.30am. My best friend was amazing I couldn’t and still can’t thank her enough. I was took to recovery and my mother in-law drove miles to be at my bed side, at this point my friend left so my partner could come to the hospital. He wasn’t allowed to see our baby. An hour or so later I was taken to a ward still in shock.

Time passed very fast and we had news our baby was stable. At this point I was told we were very lucky to be alive, if I isn’t go in when I did me and my baby would have died, words can’t explain how I felt, I also had to have a blood transfusion. My head went into overdrive. Hours after my mother in-law got a call her house was on fire so she had to travel miles again to sort everything out, what a day. Later that day my partner and mom went to see our baby, I stil couldn’t go and see him I was heartbroken.

My partner came back with a photo; I cried so much it felt like someone had ripped my heart out. No one prepared me for what I was about to see. My baby so tiny so helpless, lying there in an incubator with wires everywhere, a mask and tube covering his face, I cried and cried and prayed my baby would be ok. Jacob was 4lb5 so a good weight considering.

That night my partner wheeler me over to scbu to see my baby, he looked even smaller I sat there for hours holding his hand. A doctor came and spoke to us about our baby. The first day and night our baby was doing fine, breathing on his own he wasn’t to be fed my milk for a while. I spent most my time in scbu with my baby other than when I needed to rest as I was still in a lot of pain from my section.

One morning I woke to doctors surrounding me, instantly I knew something was wrong I prayed please let my baby be alive. The doctor explained to me that in the night my baby got distressed and popped a whole in his lung, he was on a ventilator to help him breath, he was in a very bad way. I called my partner who came straight away and met me in scbu. My baby looked helpless and fragile he had a big pipe cuming out of his lung.

I didn’t know how much more I could take, I was getting weaker and weaker I could not bear to are my baby like this, they assured me he wasn’t in any pain, this didn’t help to be honest. That night I prayed and prayed for my miracle to be ok. Jacob started to get better day by day and eventually he was of the cpap and ventilator and was breathing again on his own. I was over the moon. So happy. After day 4 I had to go home and leave my baby, heart-breaking is an understatement.

I didn’t stop crying, I did not want to leave my baby on his own I was a wreck, I could feel myself slowly breaking. I had to be strong for my boys. I was up the hospital a lot, but also had to try an make things as normal for my first born as possible, we kept him in his routine and most the time took him to his cousins for a few hours in the day, he also came to hospital a their was a flat.

As soon as he was in bed my friend would come down and me and my partner would rush up the hospital to see our baby. As time went on Jacob got stronger and stronger he started taking my breast milk in his tube (had to be fed through a tube as he wasn’t sting enough for a bottle) but I kept expressing and stores my milk in the freezer as he was on a very small amount and I was producing a lot of milk.

As the went on Jacob moved out his incubator into a cot, this was a massive break through, after he was moved out of intensive care into another room, I started to feel for happier, I just wanted my baby home Si my family was complete. Again he was moved into the 3rd room, he was stil being fed through a tube. I asked when I could take my son home, the doctor said I can’t give you a date but as soon as he is feeding out of a bottle fully and Is taking a good amount every 4hours.

At this point he was having one bottle 2 tubes and so on. I made sure I was there as much as I could to feed him out of his bottle, he struggled at first. One day Jacob ripped his tube out and one of the nurses said we would keep it out and see how he goes. I was anxious I wanted Jacob to do well, I didn’t want that horrible tube back in. I prepared myself for the worst but to my surprise my amazing strong little boy was taking each bottle.

One day I went to see my son; a doctor came to see me and asked if I wanted to stay in the flat with my baby. I knew if everything was ok he would be home the day after I stated at the flat. I can’t explain how happy and excited I was. I rang all out family but my parent didn’t want to get his hopes up. The next day I ran around like.

Headless chucked getting things ready for my baby to come home. That night my partner drove me to the hospital, I spent the night with my baby, I couldn’t of been any happier. The next day seemed to drag I was finally told I could take my baby home icon smile My Baby Had Poo In His Lungs – An Unexpected Birth Story I was over the moon to say the slightest. I rang my partner crying with happiness. My partner and son came to pick me and Jacob up after I was shown how to give Jacob his medication we were allowed to go home.

3months later in sat here with my little boy in my arms, he has had a few problems while being home but is now doing well and gaining weight. Jacob is still the size of a newborn baby but so grateful he is doing well. I am one proud mommy he has done so well my little fighter. I and his daddy love him and his big brother so much.

This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mum who is a member of my Facebook mums group. I have full permission to share her story. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me.

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