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Muslims Want to Ban Dogs in the UK?

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Bethany Blankley, a political analyst for Fox News Radio, reports for Constitution, July 16, 2016, that Muslims in the UK have launched a campaign called “4Public Purity,” via flyers and social media, to ban dogs from a country famous for its love of dogs and other pets.

Below is a campaign tweet:

4publicpurity’s website even demands that non-Muslims must comply because:

“As citizens of a multicultural nation, those who live in the UK must learn to understand and respect the legacy and lifestyle of the Muslims who live alongside them. This is why it is imperative that the British people understand that in order to allow Muslims to feel truly welcomed, it is up to the British themselves to agree to some things that might make them feel uncomfortable. It is true that dogs are well loved as pets, but the inter-cultural relations inside the kingdom should prevail.”

But Snopes, whatever you may think of it, is skeptical about the authenticity of the campaign for the following reasons:

  1. “There is no evidence of the existence of an organization called For Public Purity prior to March 2016, when the Facebook page and web site were first created.
  2. None of the group’s materials offer contact information beyond a web address and a social media presence.
  3. For Public Purity has no discernible association with any real-world Islamic organizations.
  4. Though it’s true that there are Islamic writings suggesting that dogs are unclean and their saliva, in particular, should be avoided, it is neither an issue on which all Muslims agree, nor, judging from the dearth of previous calls for banning dogs from public spaces, one that most Muslims find critical to their faith. Many Muslims are, in fact, dog owners.”

I find Snopes‘ reason no. 2 persuasive because since the 4Public Purity ban-dog campaign has no contact information, that means there is no way for anyone to actually verify the authenticity of the campaign by contacting the organizers.

The 'Religion of Peace' hates dogs!

The ‘Religion of Peace’ hates dogs!

That being said, it is true that Islam hates dogs — a hatred that has its origins in the Hadith, the corpus of reports on the teachings, deeds and sayings of Muhammad. Specifically, in the Hadith‘s Sahih Muslim, Book 24, Number 5246, it is said:

“Angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or a picture.”

For more, see “Why Muslims hate dogs“.

Given the downright saintly qualities of dogs, I would say that the “angels” who “do not enter a house in which there is a dog” are actually fallen angels, i.e., demons. The same thing has been said about the “angel” whom Muhammad claimed to have visited him in a cave, who browbeated Muhammad to found Islam.


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  • Homeless dog rescues woman from car wreck
  • Tiny Daschund sacrifices life to save owner from 400-lb black bear
  • Dog found help for friend stuck for a week in a ravine
  • Heartbroken dog visits owner’s grave site every day
  • Dog waits outside dead master’s home every day for 5 years
  • Dog waits in Siberian cold for 1+ years on side of road where owner was killed
  • Stray dogs attend funeral service of woman who had fed them
  • Little dog walks 20 blocks to find cancer-stricken owner in hospital
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Just more evidence that not only is Islam not a religion of peace, it’s a Religion of Loonies.

H/t FOTM‘s Ken Russell


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