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Music Hub, Rival Spotify Music Service from Samsung for the Galaxy S III

Posted on the 01 June 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
Galaxy siii
Samsung launches new music service for the Galaxy S III. Music streaming service and cloud-based storage service called Samsung Music Hub. Using mSpot, Music Hub offers 19 million songs for streaming or purchase. In addition, the Music Hub also allows customers to upload their own music and access it on five different devices. Samsung Music Hub can be accessed from mobile phones and tablets, as well as through a browser-based interface with subscription costs $ 16 per month. 
Samsung also plans to include it on the TV service of its intellectual property. This service supports synchronization with iTunes, transfer music and playlists. For premium, up to 100GB of storage space provided. While Samsung is currently only offered it for music storage, but if you look at the capacity offered, it is possible if the future will also support video. Samsung Music Hub will make her debut in the Galaxy S III, and is planned to also be present on all the latest mobile phones and tablets. Samsung also will make another version for the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note conjunction with the release for other platforms, may also include IOS.
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