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Mummy Guilt At Christmas And Staying Out Of Debt

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

widescreen christmas wallpaper Mummy Guilt At Christmas And Staying Out Of Debt

Its the same every year, worrying and feeling guilty and wondering have I got the kids enough for Xmas.  Mummy guilt at Christmas is as common as writing out Christmas cards it seems. I feel it too with my own children, they have never been disappointed and I don’t know why I stress so much. I  buy what I can afford and do like to think I am good with managing the finances but still, I always start to feel guilty.

Will they get as much as their friends, when their friends talk about what Santa brought them, will my kids be able to keep up with them? That is just it why do we feel we have to stretch even further because their friends are getting this or that?

I have watched mothers chat or should I say brag about spending £500 on one child and that’s great if you can afford to do that, if you have a full time job that does not pay in chocolate buttons then your lucky. Sadly many of the mums I see bragging do not work and are in receipt of benefits. I wonder what bills are being skipped in order to buy this ridiculous amount of presents?

I then see the mums who do work and are struggling, they are working long hours to provide for their child, yet cant make the money stretch any further than it already is. They feel failures.

After the New Year sets in it happens, mothers become worried that bailiffs are knocking on their door, they had purchased catalog items that they now can not afford to pay back. They never paid the months rent as they had to buy for Christmas and now they are receiving letters threatening eviction. So many mothers get into debt just so they can give their children a great Christmas.

I think we have all forgotten the meaning of Christmas and its not surprising when the festive time is so commercialised. There is no greater feeling so warming than seeing the faces of your children light up when they open the gift they most desire, yet is it coming at a greater cost to mum?

I have always saved for Christmas, putting away small amounts each week, all year round. I have 6 children so we have to be organised and prepare. But if I cant afford something, then I don’t buy it. I live within my means and everything we buy is with cash. I learned long ago that credit is not good for me, with an addictive personality. These companies make it all too easy and prey upon the vulnerable.

I feel disheartened when I hear of mothers feeling guilty because they have only bought their children 3 or 4 gifts, but they forget that their children would much rather have small tokens as gifts yet be surrounded by the love of their parents, that’s whats important.

Getting into debt for Christmas is not worth it.

I believe all mothers feel some guilt in the run up to Christmas, we all worry. Do you feel mommy guilt at Christmas?


 Mummy Guilt At Christmas And Staying Out Of Debt

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