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Mumbai Police Bust Alleged Nightclub Drug Dealer

Posted on the 02 February 2018 by Darkwebnews @darkwebnews

A notorious drug dealer from Mumbai known for distributing hard drugs to nightclubs has been arrested.

This is according to a report given by the Anti-Narcotics Cell mandated to get hold of such street dealers.

Mumbai Police Bust Alleged Nightclub Drug Dealer

Bakul Chandaria is the man behind the drug distribution operation known among nightclubs in Mumbai. He was arrested by the Mumbai crime branch of the Anti-Narcotics Cell.

For a long time, organized crime groups and drug smugglers have been ruling over the streets of Mumbai without being caught by the police. It has been difficult for the police to apprehend them because the smugglers are well-financed and ready to buy their way out if caught on the wrong side of the law.

According to the report given by the police, Chandaria has been one of the most-wanted men among law enforcement agencies for a long time.

Interestingly, Chandaria's social media profiles display several photos of him posing with Bollywood celebrities at the nightclubs he allegedly frequented.

His arrest comes after the Anti-Narcotic Cell classified him as one of the leading suppliers of cocaine and LSD to nightclubs and other entertainment centers in the city. Both of these drugs are popular among those who frequent these clubs.

Other dealers in Mumbai have been dependent on Chandaria to supply them with the drugs, which are later sold to users at a higher price. The business has been booming due to a sharp increase in the number of cocaine users, mainly associated with younger populations.

As the police were questioning Chandaria, they learned that he was connected to one of the locally organized drug cartels. According to the police officials, Chandaria allegedly obtained his supply from the cartel before later selling it to nightclubs and other suppliers.

The whole chain of supply has made cocaine readily available in the Mumbai community, which has eventually increased the level of crime in the area.

The Anti-Narcotic Cell has been investigating cases of LSD being sold locally. They have connected the cartels who supplied Chandaria with cocaine being sold and distributed in the streets.

Local law enforcement officials haven't yet discovered where Chandaria received the LSD, as the apparatus used to make the drug hasn't been identified anywhere in Mumbai.

This leaves a puzzle yet to be solved as the police continue to find the primary source of the drug.

The Anti-Narcotic Cell unit is working hard to trap more individuals and groups who are distributing hard drugs to nightclubs and parties. It is an activity that will cost the government in terms of resources and time, but they hope it will bear the expected results.

Officials of the Anti-Narcotic Cell do believe that Chandaria has been getting the drugs from the aforementioned drug cartel. It is not yet confirmed, but investigations are being conducted to finalize the matter before it gets out of control.

On questioning, Chandaria claimed he is not a drug peddler nor a smuggler, but instead runs a video library. He also said his income is sourced from the video library business, which was started by his brother back in 1982.

Officials from the Anti-Narcotic Cell have been investigating the source of the money that Chandaria had in possession. On his arrest, many items of evidence including the drugs were seized to later be used in court.

Among the drugs seized include 106 grams of cocaine and 90 grams of LSD. According to the officials, the drugs found with Chandaria had a street value of about Rs 14.56 lakh.

The involved law enforcement entities along with other investigating units are finding more concrete evidence to file a case against Chandaria in court. According to the police officials, Chandaria is in their custody and awaiting a hearing.

For now, we will only have to wait and see what happens with the suspect once he's taken to court as the matter is still open to further investigation.

Mumbai Police Bust Alleged Nightclub Drug Dealer


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