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@Mr_Camron Talks Jay Z’s “Pound Cake” Verse, Movies, Fashion, & Marriage?!

Posted on the 03 October 2013 by Thetrophylife @TheTrophyLife


Cam’ron is making all kinds of comebacks, and catches up with Karen Civil at his latest “1st of The Month Webisode Series” premiere to tell us all about it. Read the in depth article below as they get into his feelings on Jay-Z’s verse on Drake’s “Pound Cake”, Percentage 2, and his recent and future fashion ventures.


How did you come up with the idea to kick off your 1st Of The Month series?
Cam’ron: There’s so many gaps in between urban movies like Paid In Full, Belly, Boyz N Tha Hood, Friday. When The Wire was on, everybody was loving running home to [watch] it, then they went off the air. So instead of shooting a movie and everybody seeing it at one time, [I decided to] spread it out and put it out every month. That way it won’t be such a drought in between projects.


“Come And Talk To Me” must’ve been a more recent track since you responded to Drake and Jay Z’s “Pound Cake.” Were you shocked when you heard Jay say your name?
Not really shocked, that’s just mad random. I thought it came from nowhere basically. Just to clarify, I don’t think Jay was necessarily taking shots at me. I just stated the facts of the scenario. He said he made more millionaires than the lotto did, but I knew Jay when he didn’t have a million, when none of us had a million, when Dame and them were on the come-up. I respect what all of us have done because I know where we all come from. But the way he put his lyrics [together] and made it seem like he made niggas money or put them in the place where they was supposed to be… He could’ve worded it like he helped niggas make more millions, instead of saying you made niggas millionaires.

Now, tell me about your recent collaboration with the DOPE apparel.
That’s something that my manager British [Young] had worked out, and I knew nothing about it. To make a long story short, I didn’t know I was as big as I was in the fashion world. When I did these ALIFE shirts, a lot of people hollered at me to do capsule collections with them. This dude calls from DOPE like, ‘Yo, we’re putting out the capsule Cam clothes deal that we made in a couple weeks.’ I never signed off on anything with them. I didn’t cosign on the artwork or the designs. I’m not going to allow them to have had conversations with my manager a year and a half ago about doing something because their company is in trouble, and now they see that I’m doing good in fashion, they think they just gon’ throw this out there. I’m not cosigning that. I’ll put it on Instagram and everything that I’m not doing it.

So what else can fans expect from you?
I’m going to be doing the 1st Of The Month thing till the end of the year to make sure the top of the year is good, then at the end of January, we’re going to start shooting Percentage 2.

You can read the whole article here: http://www.karencivil.com/2013/10/03/interview-camron-explains-pound-cake-slams-dope-apparel-collaboration-and-confirms-percentages-2/

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