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Mozilla Surrenders to New DRM Standards, But It’s Not Entirely a Bad Thing

Posted on the 15 May 2014 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

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Mozilla’s executive chairwoman, Mitchell Baker announced the news via a blog post, expressing her deepest regrets for having to surrender to DRM.

“Firefox users would need to use another browser every time they want to watch a controlled video, and that calls into question the usefulness of Firefox as a product. Despite our dislike of DRM, we have come to believe Firefox needs to provide a mechanism for people to watch DRM-controlled content.”

Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari browsers already follows the new DRM standards and now Firefox will also join the club. Users may see this as a bad thing and I think a lot of people will definitely abandon the browser for this, but following DRM doesn’t make Mozilla an evil corporation. They are simply trying to do best for its users. With this new update, Firefox users will finally have access to copy-protected video from services like Hulu, Netflix and many others, without having to install third-party software. Besides, Firefox will still give users the option to whether or not to opt-in for the DRM to watch streaming video.

[Via: Mozilla Blog]
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