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Movie Time ~ Visiting the Homes of an Interior Designer and an Architect

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

Hello everyone,

Have you ever wondered how an interior designer and an architect decorate their own homes?

You may ask yourself ~

  • Are they into a more traditional look or do they prefer ultra trendy design?
  • Are their homes just as colorful and clean as the finished product they present to their clients?
  • Do they live in small apartments, houses or huge mansions?

These are just some of the questions that a lot of people might ask themselves.

Curious by nature, I went on a research mission to find homes that belong to an interior designer and an architect so that I could show them to you. I think I found the perfect two videos. These videos showcase each of their own unique design concepts. You will not doubt notice, they both possess a very different and distinct design style.

As you watch these two videos, I want you to remember that style is subjective.

They’re imaginations and creativity are totally on display in these videos.

So, without further ado, I give you~ One of Architectural Digest’s top 100 designers, Thomas Britt.

In this video, Mr. Britt gives us a private tour of his Water Mill compound in The Hamptons.

He says in the beginning of the video that his design style is “an European approach with a big American swing to it!”  What do you think?

Would you agree with his statement?

In this video, we see famous New York architect, David Ling’s Manhattan Loft.

It seems that David took every known design concept and incorporated it into his loft. He’s certainly not afraid to think outside the box. I will admit that sleeping in that bedroom might be a little scary for me.

His comment that “a person should live and discover new things the entire time he inhabits a space” is certainly apparent in his home. I hope you enjoyed your tour of these two truly different yet unique  interior design styles. As I stated  in the beginning, “style is subjective.”

On that note, I hope you enjoy your weekend.

I know I will, I’ll be spending mine watching the Olympic closing ceremonies where design and style is subjective based on the host country~


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