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Movie Review: Savage Island (1985)

Posted on the 25 February 2015 by Joe Martin @SexAndBloodShow

In anticipation of having my other blog shut down because of Blogger saying they will now not allow adult blogs, specifically pictures and/or videos with graphic nudity (ambiguous as usual for Google I know), I am taking my reviews from The Sex and Blood Show and posting them here, minus the pics. This has been previously published by me, just edited for content so I can't be accused of using graphic, or overly graphic language.

Savage Island (1985) - Italy - Exploitation/Women in Prison - Rated RDirected by Nicholas BeardsleyStars Anthony Steffen, Ajita Wilson, Christina Lai, Linda Blair, Leon Askin, Cintia Lodetti, Penn JilletteNot the most coherent or even best of stories but it delivers what any good women in prison movie should...lots of sweaty naked women.A sexy woman enters into a highrise office complex for a meeting with a sleazy business tycoon. But this meeting is far from cordial and a surprise as he finds himself at gunpoint listening to her tell him a story of women who have been forced to work in a South American labor camp mining emeralds for a wealthy American tycoon; that would be him. But the prisoners of the labor camp along with a group of mercenaries hatch a plan of escape and of revenge against the sadistic and rapist guards. Savage Island is not an original film, and I'm not meaning in its plot, but then it's not original in that either. It actually is a re-edited film taken from two Italian-Spanish films originally shot back-to-back with most of the same cast, Hotel Paradise and Escape from Hell (both 1980), with additional new footage shot as a wrap-around and stars Linda Blair and Leon Askin. Of the two original movies, Escape from Hell is the better film from a sleaze perspective, and not the least of which it has a more coherent story. Savage Island merges the storylines from both movies into a shorter running time than either film. The downside is that the movie is choppy in places both because of the editing and because they are combining two movies in which some of the actors are different. On the upside, Savage Island has an abundance of nudity as it is taken from both of its parent films. If sweaty naked women running around, showering in the open, ripping their clothes off and fighting among each other is not your cup of tea...then what the hell is wrong with you? Savage Island is pure sleaze aimed at slobbering males. It gives what men want in a women in prison movie without taking up too much time with a silly little thing called plot and story; and if you are looking for plot and story in a women in prison movie you are looking in the wrong sub-genre. One major downside though is Savage Island was only put out on VHS and what DVD distributions of it that exist are from those VHS masters, or Betamax masters, so the quality is pretty low. Escape from Hell is the better alternative of the two original parent films, but both are available on DVD. My Rating: 3 Fingers. This barely deserves more than 2 fingers but being full of sweaty naked women more than makes up for what it is lacking elsewhere. Get Savage Island on DVDGet Women in Prison Triple Feature DVD with Escape from Hell

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