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Movie of the Day – The Man With The Iron Fists

Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Going back into the well for this kung-fu flick from The Rza baby.  The Man with the Iron Fists got some big hype, mainly cause it was about time that the Rza made his kung-fu movie he was talking about for so long.  Well with a jam packed cast (Russel Crowe and Lucy Lui) this is a movie that appeases the kung-fu fan in me, although there are some short comings in terms of the story, acting and pace of the film.  My initial review wasn’t to the highest standard of praise, but I did end up enjoying the hell out of this all out action film.  The soundtrack is stellar as well, which is to be expected from The Rza and his crew of musicians.  The fight scenes are the stand out here, while some of the acting was wonderfully hammy, there was just something really missing from the cast and the rather convenient script/plot development.  Oh well, it’s still a fun movie and you should give it a view.

Below is an excerpt from my original review and a link to the full thing.  Enjoy!

There are moments of brilliance though in Iron Fists, namely coming from Russel Crowe and Lucy Liu.  Hamming it up at every turn, their characters seem to truly embrace the wicked ways of this movie, reveling in the over the top nature of the movie.  Crowe is really my favorite character, a brash poon hound of a man who is a skilled man with a knife.  His Jack Knife spends more time between the legs of the fine females of the Tea House, giving us some humorous moments, but not without slicing men in half and being rather handy with a blade.   Lucy Liu looks like she was channeling Oren Ishi, which was a welcome sight as well-being a deadly foe in the movie.  Madame Blossom commands a bevy of killer ladies, all while smiling and wielding a deadly fan.

Read the full review here.

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