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Movie of the Day – FDR: American Badass

Posted on the 24 January 2013 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

I fucking love history!

FDR 1a

“FDR: American Badass” is a slapstick comedy that has the 32nd President of the United States riding a ‘wheelchair of death’ to stop the world from werewolves who carry the polio virus, including werewolf versions of Hitler, Mussolini, and Emperor Hirohito.

Boom!  This version of FDR blows that shitty Hyde Park on Hudson movie out of the fucking water.  Not even Bill Murray could hold a candle to this version of histories most badass president.  FDR: American Badass is really just a schlocky, low budget comedic slapstick with enough chutzpah to keep me entertained throughout this completely batshit movie.  Also, who the hell doesn’t love Barry Bostwick.

FDR 1b

This is the sort of movie that defies any real review because it’s a movie that is so insipidly stupid that it is utterly brilliant in the end.  Having a movie where FDR is attacked by a werewolf that gives him the polio courtesy of Werefolf Nazis is just about as God damn amazing as it can get.  Bostwick just owns the shit out of this movie with his wheelchair/machine gun turret contraption and the blood, death and werewolf killing is palpable.

It’s a silly movie that I found a lot of enjoyment out of, especially if you view it in the terms of the just pure exploitation that is more of an homage than an outright successful exploitation movie.  Fun for a time killer that is for sure and way better than that Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie.

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