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Movie of the Day – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

Posted on the 07 September 2012 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Yep, I am going from Killer Klowns to Killer Tomatoes and it is deliciously delightful.  I always knew that tomatoes in whole form were terrible for me.  When they are in the form of ketchup or pasta sauce, then I enjoy it, but this movie dispels my notions of safety and makes me terrified of tomatoes all over again.  Just like Killer Clowns from Outer Space, this movie is ridiculously wonderful and fun and all sorts of b-movie greatness.

Movie of the Day – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

After a wave of reports of mysterious attacks involving people and pets being eaten by the traditionally docile fruit, a special government task force is set up to investigate the violent veggies and put a stop to their murderous spree. Included in this crack team are a lieutenant who never goes anywhere without his parachute, an underwater expert who’s never out of his scuba gear, and a master of disguise who conceals his appearance by dressing as a black Adolf Hitler.  (source)

The great thing about this movie, other than the fact it features killer fruit/vegetable/whatever tomatoes are classified as, is that the movie is essentially a parody of b-movies while it is a b-movie itself.  That is Inception levels of meta references happening in this movie.  Taking the high, more like low brow, road of parodying scary monster movies, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! is just a fun romp into absurdity.  There is nothing that this movie doesn’t throw at you in a barrage of gags, jokes, references, and fun, wholesome tomato deaths.

Movie of the Day – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

Much like yesterday’s movie and it’s wacky, inventive deaths, this movie is just corny when it comes to making tomatoes into killers.  Tomato Juice becomes a killer when it is made from one of the killer tomatoes.  Tomatoes that swim out and attack swimmers on a beach.  They gobble kids up.  This would get any child to never eat his fruits or vegetables again!  the whole film is just a head trip in terms of trying to wrap your mind around the fact that the director and those involved, are truly afraid of tomatoes.  It’s so ludicrous that you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The movie is just a big parody of so many things in pop culture and film.  Parodying politics, slogans, people, film tropes and other b-movies, it is just a mish mash of items that is blended on high and served up to the audience.  It’s hard to hate a film that just bathes in the stupidity of what they created that it becomes endearing.  It’s a cult classic for a reason, spawning several sequels and even a kids television show.  All from the idea of killer tomatoes.  Also before I forget, there is a character that dresses up as a black hitler.  Yeah, they pulled no punches.  Also it is a bit racists with its jokes, but then again it was the late 70s.


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