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Movie of the Day – Air Bud: Golden Receiver

Posted on the 03 February 2013 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Let’s be honest, no one is really doing anything today other than the following three things: Watching the Super Bowl, watching the commercials during the Super Bowl, or watching the Puppy Bowl.  For me, nothing beats watching puppies playing in the annual Animal Planet Puppy Bowl event.  I mean why would anyone want to watch grown, burly men tackle one another, I will never know.  So today is more or less a phone in for today as I will be bartending tonight at the Alamo while we are showing great movies like Hansel and Gretel or that one movie with Stallone or whatever.  I anticipate it will be dead today.

So for today’s post, why not combine both dogs and football.  AIR BUD BITCHES!

Air Bud Football 1a

Also Air Bud is apparently so damn talented that he can play both Football and Basketball.  Next you are going to tell me that he can play soccer.


Son of a bitch that dog is amazing.  Also WORLD PUP, I would watch the fuck out of that.

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