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Mothers' Day Isn't Just About the Mothers

By Suvenchow
It's Mother's Day, yet I don't feel extra special nor more important than usual. Not because I'm not loved or celebrated, but more because I think it's kind of overrated to be celebrating just mothers on Mothers' Day.
So what is Mothers' Day? It is a day where mothers around the globe are recognised for providing never ending love and care for their children.
But instead of focusing just on the mothers, shouldn't we also give credit to those around her that makes everything possible? 
Where do mothers get the strength and motivation to do all those lovely things that mothers do everyday without fail? What makes her willing to care unconditionally for her children, even if it means having daily worries, sleepless nights, etc? Why does she still feel happy and content despite having all these stress that comes along with motherhood? 

As I come up with more and more questions, I can't help but think of all the answers to my questions and its reasons that make me proud and happy to be a mother.

The answer is simple. Love.
The most basic love comes from having and maintaing a harmonious family. It involves having a loving and caring partner to begin with, and then spreading that love to your children. It's true, really. At the end of the day, you're more likely to love your children unconditionally if your partner loves and supports you unconditionally. You love because you are being loved, and you are loved because you love. 

I've never realised what a big role love plays in my life as a stay at home mom. Ive always known I was lucky to be able to enjoy motherhood without the extra stress of working, and all I had to concentrate on was Little Miss NAPB's wellbeing and future. But I never really put much thought into how I got this lucky. So when I really sat down recently to think about it, I realised that what I have now wouldn't have been possible without 1) the miracle birth of Little Miss NAPB; 2) the constant support and unconditional love I get from my husband; 3) the blessings and assistance I get from both my parents and in laws whenever I needed help; 4) the lovely and ever supportive mommy (and sometimes daddy) friends I've met over the course of just two years; 5) the share of joy with some of my oldest and bestest friends; 6) the haters and pessimists who've made me stronger and more determined to stand my grounds when it comes to making parenting decisions. It's never easy being a mother. Having a child allows you to see the pure and goodness of humanity. Her helplessness and inability to take care of herself automatically make you want to love and hold her and not let go. Having the support of my family and friends not only makes life a lot easier, but it makes it absolutely possible to enjoy motherhood to the max. Motherhood also wouldn't have been complete without the haters too. It is they who make the fighter in me emerge, it is them who made me a strong enough to go against the tide and still be confident in what I do. Without all them, motherhood would have meant nothing. So I'm going to do something different this year. Instead of giving myself a pat on the shoulder for a job well done and celebrating my survival as a mother for the past two years, I'm saluting all the people who has helped made my motherhood ride such a wonderful and meaningful journey. To my lovely daughter, thank you for giving birth to the mommy in me, and letting me (and daddy) share this wonderful journey of life with you. Without you, I would never have had the privilege of being a mother.  To my absolutely perfect husband, thank you for being my pillar of strength when I needed it the most. You've always loved and supported me unconditionally in whatever I chose to do. I'm lucky that it is you I'm sharing my journey in life and parenthood with. To my parents and in laws, thank you for helping us out whenever you could, emotionally, financially, and physically. You guys are the best parents and in laws I could ever ask for. To all my friends, thank you for being there with us during all our special life changing moments - wedding, birthdays, etc. My life as a person, wife, and mother is so much more meaningful when those moments are shared with all of you. And last but not least, to the mean people, thank you for giving me a hard time. It's with people like you that I cherish my friends and family more and more everyday. You definitely deserve my sincerest gratitude for teaching me to stand up for what is right (for me and my family). So here's a toast to everyone, Happy Mothers' Day! You all deserve it as much as any of us mothers do. 

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