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More on the Incredible Irresponsibility of Leaving Guns in Cars

Posted on the 22 September 2015 by Mikeb302000
Southern Beale
This is the kind of thing we warned about when the Tennessee Legislature forced guns-in-cars on us:
Several guns stolen from cars in Bartlett over weekend
BARTLETT, Tenn. — Four more guns are in the wrong hands on Mid-South streets Wednesday.
Bartlett Police confirmed three cars were broken into over the weekend and four guns were stolen.
One of the victims agreed to speak with WREG to prevent this from happening to others. He said he did not want to be identified because the crook or crooks are still out there.
“My stomach dropped. My heart sank,” he said.
The gun owner recalled the moment he saw the holster in his car was empty Sunday. The rag he used to cover the handle of the gun was on the seat.
You mean the magic invisibility rag you used to hide your gun didn’t work? Shocked face!
But this one for the win:
Police reports showed that all three cars that were broken into over the weekend were parked at home. Police reports suggested at least two of the three cars were left unlocked.
The man we spoke with admitted he left his car unlocked because he felt his neighborhood was very safe.
If your neighborhood is so safe, why the hell do you need a gun in the first place?
Southern Beale had a lot more to say about this insanity, but I'll provide just one more quote: "You. Fucking. Idiots."

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