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More Fat, Less Problems? A Review Of The Keto Way Of Eating

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

What if the advice you have been given about eating fat all your life was wrong? What if it wasn’t actually fat that makes you fat, but sugar, both refined and in the form of carbohydrates? Well, that is what proponents of the ketogenic diet believe, and this way of eating (WOE) is not only gaining popularity amongst the fiterati but also in the mainstream. Of course, before you decide to revolutionize your own WOE, you will need to know all about this diet, something you can do by reading the post below.

What is keto?

Keto or a ketogenic diet is one that looks radically different from the what the average American consumes. This is because it’s all about keeping carbohydrate intake at or below 20g a day. What that means in practice is that just the carbs in the bread of a sandwich will take you over your daily limit.

Now, you may be wondering why going over the 20g mark matters, and it’s because it will take you out of a state called ketosis. Ketosis is where your body switches over to burning fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates, something that essentially makes you into a fat burning machine.

What are the benefits?

Ketosis has many benefits, one in particular that lead many people to choose this diet is that it can help people to lose, or manage their weight. This is because the body is directly burning fat, something that means if you moderate your own fat consumption your bodies stores will be used instead.

Of course, that is not the only benefit of a ketogenic diet, and many people report increased clarity, energy, and even better blood work results, surprisingly including cholesterol levels.

Some folks also report an improvement in their depression or anxiety levels. Which as a ketogenic diet mainly cuts out sugar isn’t perhaps that surprisingly as it prevent the highs and crashes associated with this type of food.

What are the disadvantages?

It is important to remember though that just like any kind of WOE a ketogenic diet isn’t without some disadvantages. Probably, the most significant of these is what is know as keto flu, where people switching to the diet experience muscle cramps, fatigue, and brain fog as their bodies get used to reduced consumption of carbohydrates.

Of course, this flu can be very unpleasant, and in many cases put people off continuing with this diet. Although there are some strategies, you can use to minimize the symptoms.

One is to use a supplement like BHB which can provide additional ketones to be used as energy as you transition. The good news is that, if have a look at KetoLogic’s awesome BHB recipes you will see you don’t just have to take a pill to feel better but can actually enjoy some yummy treats that will improve symptoms as well. Treats like apple BHB slush, or even BHB popsicles!

Other folks have found success by drinking a mixture known as ketoaide which is essentially water, water enhancer that is sugar-free such as Mio, with added lo salt for potassium and some magnesium. The latter being cited as helpful for muscle aches and trouble getting to sleep. Another problem that those wishing to a keto diet can experience.

What kinds of dishes can you eat?  

Often what people really want to know before they commit to a new way of eating is what kind of food they can have, and whether it will be practical for them in their day to day life.

More Fat, Less Problems? A Review Of The Keto Way Of Eating

Bacon and eggs, plus some low carb veg is a perfectly acceptable meal on keto.


Well, in term of dishes you will want to skew your consumption to foods with moderate protein, high fat, and low carb, so fatty meats like steak, chicken with the skin on, and even bacon are all good. Something that makes popping out for brunch totally doable on this diet. You are also pretty much good to go with dairy products like cream, eggs, and cheese, and with green vegetables, and even most nuts.

Of course, you will do better if you stay away from most fruits as these are high in sugar as well as milk or white chocolate. Although a little dark chocolate is fine as long as you can fit it in your daily carbohydrate allowance.

In fact, the large selection of tasty and satiating foods available on this diet means that not only is practical but can be an enjoyable way of eating as well. This being something that leads many to suggest that the statement mo’ fat, less problems, including weight gain, poor concentration, high cholesterol, and even high anxiety, to be true.

Have you tried the keto lifestyle? What’s your WOE? Comment below!

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