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More Domestic Violence - Upstate New York Woman Kills Her Father, Her Daughter and Herself

Posted on the 23 December 2011 by Mikeb302000
Democrat and Chronicle reports
In the finished basement of her family's home on Red Fox Run on Wednesday morning, police say, Penelope Luddy, 53, killed her 10-year-old daughter, Alexandra; her father, Harold Bertram, 79; and herself with a shotgun.
About 8:30 a.m., she'd sent her husband, Michael Luddy, 57, to check on an ailing relative. When he returned home at 9:45, he found his wife dead and his daughter and father-in-law shot.
I wonder what was behind all that? The mind boggles at the thought of a mother killing her young daughter. The woman had to have been so distraught that it was visible.
Why in the world would someone like that have access to a gun? Is this the price we pay for our so-called 2nd Amendment Fredom?
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