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More Details Emerge On New York’s Deal On .NYC: But 50K New Yorkers Did Not Register 50K Domains

Posted on the 13 November 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains



According to a post on,  the city of New York is making a “cool $40,000 a week on the Internet”.

According to the story, the City of New York collects 40% of all domain registration fees collected by Neustar the operator of the .NYC registry.

At a “cost of $20″ (which is unclear from the story if its retail or wholesale), “City Hall pulls in $8 every time a New Yorker buys a domain name that ends in .NYC.”

“That math works out to $448,000 in new revenue made in slightly more than a month.”

The story does not chat about how much the City collects on auctions which so far have been in the form of Landrush auctions, but in the near future will be engaged in other types of premium auctions.

Landursh auctions have grossed in the six figures in addition to registration fees

I have seen the following statement made before in many stories about .NYC and its wholly inaccurate:

“I’m thrilled to see over 50,000 New Yorkers register their domains” said a city spokesman

That of course would assume that each domain was registered by one person, which as we know as domain investors is just not the case.

Just because there are 50,000 domain registrations (actually closer to 55,000) doesn’t mean that 50,000 or 55,000 New York Residents or Businesses registered a domain.

The uneducated can assume one registration equates to one person but that is just not the case, so I wish the city would stop saying it.

.NYC is doing very well still adding over 500 registrations a day but they are clearly not from 500 different people or businesses.

If your interested in registering a .NYC domain I would ask you to visit to do so

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