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More 5* Reviews for The Storm: A Time of Mercy, Choices and Hope

By Mba @mbartoloabela
More 5* reviews for The Storm: A Time of Mercy, Choices and Hope

Inspirational. Great story of how staying strong in your faith and trusting in God you can overcome the darkest moments and hardest trials in your life. Stories so real and personally illustrated that no matter how overwhelming and painful things may be, if you have hope and faith along with prayer you will survive. True display of love.

Great book! Shows struggles of life, love of Christ, love of family and neighbor. Through all struggles rely on Christ and follow his lead. Never give up in the storms of life. Truly a great book for men to read. It is a love story as well. A story about growing up in and struggles of life, but God will get you through. I love the story of him and his wife. They are so lucky to have each other.

Insightful. Very well written, insightful, thought-provoking and full of faith in God.

Wonderful book carrying a message so desperately needed at this time. Faith, hope, love-these knit families together in times of struggle and tragedy. The author has shared a family's journey through many storms and the undying hope that has grown through faith in God over generations. Truly a great book to read and share.

You can learn either the easy way or the hard way, but you will learn. After reading James Toups's biography, I feel I know him closer than any brother as his soul was exposed and everything he has experienced through his life, leading up to the day where now he boldly proclaims the truth of Christ. Since Jay has lived all his life in Louisiana, storms or hurricanes have been passing through his life and changing it every time. In this book you get right into the heart of a young man who has many choices to make and how God is always there to guide us if we are willing to follow him. All I could think of throughout the book was that you can learn either the easy way or the hard way - but you will learn. Jay learned the hard way - a lot - but God was always there, through answered prayers and people who had the faith to pass on to him and give him hope.

For example, after Hurricane Katrina, Jay and his family were stranded in a new town, but the people were so helpful and generous, such as making food for them and helping everyone who was stranded, that so much love brought tears to my eyes. May we all respond to the storms in life with a helping hand to others! I recommend this book to anyone who is having major storms in their life and is wondering, "Where is God?" I also recommend it for anyone who wants to avoid a lot of pitfalls called "learning the hard way" - for example, a young teenager or adult who wants to just have fun. The 'fun' only lasts for a while, but the pain can last forever if you do not change direction.

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