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Mood Booster Moments....It Was Trying to Get me...Well NOT Really

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
Well shiners here it Mood Booster Moment of the week.
Mood Booster Moments....It was trying to get me...Well NOT reallyLet me set your mind so you can better understand the foolishness that I am about to present to you.
I was eleven years old in good ole Florida, this was the first time that I traveled alone without my parents.  I went with a neighbor, and I had a tons of fun.  We decided to catch a movie so we found a movie theater, my neighbor watches a movie and I watch another.  Skipping ahead, the movie lets out and their were hundreds of people coming out so I decided to wait for my neighbor over near a bush so she could see me or I would see her.  There was a ledge that I hopped upon but I was not comfortable so I adjusted myself.  Here is where the problem occurs, I sit back way to far and fall back into the small bush and guess what was in the bush????
Mood Booster Moments....It was trying to get me...Well NOT really                                                                                       THIS>>>>>>>>>>>>>(BRACE YOURSELF)>>>>>
Tons of them were all over me, so now I have a phobia of crawling creatures pretty much by these ugly looking things that I wish fall off of the face of the earth so I can get my mind right....Anywhoooo.........
So now that I have given you guys the brutal squeamish background here is how 9/11/2011 at 2:38 AM went......
We-oh my boyfriend and I are relaxing because he just arrived to my house from work.  We are mapping out some plans because his birthday is next month so we are putting things in motion for a great birthday for him and this is what he says:
BF: Babe ummmmm there is a huge bug over there.
Me:WTH WHERE? as I begin to panic-remember the phobia
Me:OMG TURN ON THE LIGHTS...(at this point my big behind is standing up in the middle of my bed) 
BF:Babe it is ok I am gonna kill it.
Me: OMG WHERE THE HELL IS IT?? I DON'T SEE IT(as if I really wanted to but I need to because I STILL don't see it.)  My BF moves his overnight bag...OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG GET IT WHERE IS IT?? (Poor BF is probably like why is she standing in the middle if the bed screaming while I'm down here with said creature) LMBO!!!! 
BF: Where did it go?
Me: (still standing my big butt in the middle of the bed with the creature NOWHERE near me) 
BF: Oh I see it-it is under the TV stand but I cant get it.
Me: OMG OMG (whining as I am still standing panicing in the middle if the bed now clutching my chest)
BF: WHAMMMM! he kills hero!

Well Im glad that is over, as I am STILL standing in the middle of my bed like a plum fool.
                                       *And here comes the rant*
Me: Babe it was trying to get me!!! (No not really) if you weren't here I would of just hear me DIED! LOL  It would have been on the night stand looking at me like "ohhh look at her there sleeping" And wait!!! What if I were going to the bathroom?! It would of been a puddle on the bleepin floor because I would of been trying to escape that ugly thing....that thing would of had the run of the room!
BF: (Smirking) Babe I killed it.
Me: NO NO NO I would have slept with the kids.
BF: You wouldn't have killed it?
Me: WHAT ARE YOU NUTS!!!!???!?!?!?! Cthu at myself now that it is over.
Shiners I had all sorts of excuses.  I even said if it would have been on me (mind you it was nowhere near me) I would have packed up and moved. Alright, I finally calmed down an entire hour later...(Yeah I know an hour) I get down off of the bed.
A total mess because was now 3:30AM #FOOLERY.....
****But it was really trying to get me though-i'm serious...Man Nevermind-Humph LMBO!!!****

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