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Monument to All the Dead Slaves - Royal European Families

Posted on the 12 February 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Monument to all the dead slaves - royal european familiesSome things never change, eh, only the numbers of dead slaves of royalty through the ages.
Why the fuck do we need any Royal European Families in 2010? And don't hit me with the, "Royalty brings in a lot of tourist dollars." because once those tourists discover that it's the European Royal Families at the head of the New World Order, then there's gonna be no touristing any more.
When people in the military find out that their sons and daughters are being sent to WARS FOR CORPORATE PROFIT that are orchestrated by the Royals using their banker organisers, then there's gonna be no touristing any more. When the tourists find out that the Royal vaccine programme is meant to DEPOPULATE THE PLANET, then there's gonna be no touristing any more.
What makes me laugh, like really laugh, is when these corporate-educated drones go, "My real ambition life is to 'make enough money' to 'buy my own house'." I mean 'get out of slavery' and 'who the fuck are you paying' when you buy that house? I mean^2, this is a Free Planet as decreed by ANYONE WITH ANY COMMON SENSE ... why should I bother paying some baronic landlord any serf-rent for 'my own little piece of England'?  Sorry, this does not compute, not one bit.
Q: Do we need Royals any more?
A: This is a FREE PLANET, let's never forget that.

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