Money Are Nothing If You Don't Have Time to Use Them

Posted on the 21 May 2015 by Luciano Pacini
I have found people whom say philosophy is boring. Such a nonsense! Not because they don’t like philosophy, but because they use the word "boring". I regret the rhetoric of “being boring” and I am sure these are shallow people, because life can be just interesting. They use this strategy because they think in this way to be cool; like if they are the only whom know what are the most interesting things; not you.

                  Money are nothing if you don't have time to use them

             Seneca says: "While you are waiting to live, your life passes". He was righ!
I know that these fellows didn't understand anything about life. If you love your life you can’t find the way to say that something is boring. Everything is interesting if you want to learn; but I guess this is their lack: "the wish to learn". Of course people can find something more juicy than other things, there are tastes, preferences and so on for everything, but you must remember that those things are also a limit for your knowledge.
Even something that you can consider trivial can be interesting and beautiful, for instance just a Sunset or a Sunrise. People should understand that and stop pretending, everything can be interesting so nothing is boring, because everything can be an experience, beside preferences; above all Philosophy, because it is obvious that if you are just thinking you are already philosophizing. But this concept looks like being too difficult to understand and so many people use the word "boring". Yes I know, it is very funny!

Money are nothing if you don't have time to use them

Patrick Pichette needed many years and his wife to undertand his meaning of life 
The proof of what I am saying we simply have just observing what happens in the World. Let's do this example. I have just read that after seven years at the head of Google, the chief financial officer has chosen to leave the company; it looks like a decision not caused by a professional motivation but simply a lifestyle choice.
Pichette says that it all started after a night of climbing, contemplating the sunrise from Kilimanjaro, he and his wife were not just enjoying the moment, but they could observe the plains of the Serengeti to their feet and all of what Africa had to offer them. It was his wife at that point, to make him thinking more deeply asking to continue traveling in Africa and then all around the World. But at first the manager responded pragmatically: "I have too much to do at Google." So his wife continued: So when the time comes? Our time, my time?".From those simple but big questions came the train of thoughts that pushed the vice president of Google to leave the company, changing completely routine and lifestyle. So after many years of work without any vacation, Pichette is going now to celebrate in this way his 25 years of wedding.Some people's joke say that the secret of a so long relationship with the wife is also because they have not been together so often cause of his job, so they still don't know too much each other!

Money are nothing if you don't have time to use them

Christopher McCandless understood quicly himself

Beside any joke, I am right as always when I say that would be better being less materialistic sometimes, because at the end, sooner or later all things will go in this following order: People understand that money is not everything if you don't have the time to use them. I can say that this is very good, but would be better if people could really understand their meaning of life, anyway I guess everyone has their own life's path.From this point of view I guess would be correct remember Christopher McCandless. I have read about him and I like some of his thoughts and behaves. Because it is true that people live within unhappy circumstances and they don't take the initiative to change their lives because they are conditioned to a situation of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give satisfaction but in reality nothing is worse than a secure future, special if you are a person with an adventurous spirit, but I can say that it could be for everyone, because the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and so there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different "Sun". I guess with these words above, I can share with all of you, my dear readers, something of very important. 
Money are nothing if you don't have time to use them
The Master of Meaning of  Life

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