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Monday Morning Inspiration: Your Happiness is Your Choice, Not Theirs.

By Lifestreasury
Monday Morning Inspiration: Your Happiness is Your Choice, Not theirs.Hello amazing people, welcome to a new week, a new monday and a positive one at that. I am very sure it went well for us and for those that it did not go well for, stay positive, sadness does not last for too long, joy definitely comes in the morning.
I am here once again to steer us up for the week, wash out every negative thought as much as I can and keep feeding you with positivity through the week. Everything is possible.
At times in our lives we tend to loose our mood, we trade our happiness for things that we feel matter, but little do we know that anything that causes you depression should not matter in your life and we feel depressed, giving room to lots of negativity to step in.
Times were we let emotional problems, business failure, misunderstanding with a friend and the likes make us sad. Do you know that those situations actually are not the cause of your sadness, they just come as a phase, they come as a way of life and they give you the option to choose, if you wan to stay happy or if you want to stay sad. And if you must stay sad, for how long all these are choices you have to make. Do not let anyone make the decision for you, it is your phase not theirs, they can be part of your story but people can never live your story. You have the choice to choose what keeps you going and what weighs you down. But the ability to pick up after being weighed down and find your happiness is your decision.
I have come to realize that even when you share your story with people, they only proffer solutions, so people are people. The way you live makes an influence to the other, choose happiness ad spread the virus.
So this week, let us try this, remember I stated earlier that everything is possible, but it can only be possible if you believe. So I urge you to tell yourself "I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY" . Is this weird? ( definitely it  is)  but is this possible? (Definitely it is).
Make conscious efforts to be happy this week with everyone and every situation around you, do not let the tears and sadness stay for too long, happiness is like a key that opens so many doors. Some people might be angry about your happiness but remember it is not about them, it is about you.
The happier you are, the more productive, welcoming, favoured and glowing you look. If you give room to depression, it will cost you your time, it will cost you character issues, it will make you lose out on a whole lot. If you are set out with a target to be productive this week, then Happiness is a key factor.
Happiness is contagious, it brings people your ways, do not let the negative action of one affect a thousand things and people around you..
So are you with me on this, is this possible? Dust off every vibe of sadness, trust me it is not necessary at all.
Pick a pen write it everywhere and keep looking at saying to yourself. TODAY I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. (Print the image below and paste it where you can always see it)
Monday Morning Inspiration: Your Happiness is Your Choice, Not theirs.
If you are going to make that conscious decision, start by writing in the comment  box below. I Choose to stay happy.
It is possible and I know you can do it. Have a most productive week. Gracias.

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