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Mon Histoire D'amour Avec Le Rouge a Levres Rouge (My Love Affair with Red Lipstick)

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
My love for Red lipstick started when I was a little girl. It seemed like every woman I admired, or thought was glamorous, wore bright Red lipstick. From Marilyn Monroe to Madonna to Elizabeth Taylor to Bettie Page to my Grandma; Red lipstick made an everlasting impression on me.
I associate a Red pout with many styles like the blonde bombshells of the 50's, the "Glamour of Old Hollywood." Even though Joan Collins' character (Alexis Carrington-Colby) on Dynasty (yes, I said Dynasty) was an 80's vixen, she'd always wear this shiny, red vampy gloss to show her strength as a "Queen of New Hollywood" that was a force to be reckoned with!
I also think of Paris! A Vidal Sassoon bob, classic Jean Paul Gaultier style striped shirt with a Beret, Capri pants, ballet flats and Red lips. Divine!
Whether it's in full color or black & white, there's no mistaking the power behind a perfectly applied Red lip.
I wasn't allowed to wear it outside of the house until I was in my teens but my mom would let me wear it while at home. I'd spend hours putting it on, perfecting the application so my lips looked just right!
Not much has changed because my friends still tease me about how it takes 20 minutes to put on my red lipstick! Lol! (It doesn't really take 20 minutes but I do get into it)
I love other colors too but there's something about wearing red lipstick that feels empowering.
It's like slipping on really sexy stilettos, a backless gown, or being covered in diamonds! It's so powerful that I usually pair it with demure makeup or pin-up style liquid eyeliner for extra sex appeal.
Either way, it's transformative powers are undeniable!
In case you're wondering, I think my favorite of all time is the INGLOT #44. It's such a perfect cherry red. It doesn't hurt that every time I wear it, people ask what it is and say how nice it looks.
I believe it suits me best ;-)
Here are some of my favorite *Showstopper* Reds: (Clockwise L to R)
Cherry (M.A.C Lip Liner)
Adrenaline (Urban Decay, Super Saturated Lip Color)
Ruby Woo (M.A.C, Matte)
M.A.C Red (M.A.C, Satin)
Powerhouse (M.A.C, Amplified)
Fire & Ice (Revlon, Creme)
#44 (INGLOT, Slim Lipstick)
#46 (INGLOT, Slim Lipstick)
True Red (L'Oreal, Colour Riche)
Absolute Rouge (Lancome, L'Absolu Rouge)
Mon histoire d'amour avec le rouge a levres rouge (My love affair with Red Lipstick)
Mon histoire d'amour avec le rouge a levres rouge (My love affair with Red Lipstick)
2 other lip liners I like to use with my reds are Spice & Redd, both by M.A.C. Spice is neutral so it'll add dimension & tone down the color and Redd is a little more on the orange side.
Not shown here (simply because I ran out of it) is Russian Red (M.A.C). It's a classic deeper red that's been around forever.
I also would have added another favorite, a bright slightly, orangey red, by M.A.C called Pivot (Matte) but it's discontinued and I didn't think it was necessary to torture you all!
But, I did wear it on my birthday 2 weeks ago and the girls at M.A.C loved it!! As soon as I walked in the store 3 girls all stopped and said, "What IS that?! It's gorgeous!" Lol! I was like, "It's M.A.C! But it's discontinued" (Womp,Womp) But trust me, it's a stunner!
We've all heard the experts say you should line your lips & fill them in with liner before applying lipstick so that when the lipstick wears off, there will still be color on your lips. This only works for me when the lip liner is almost identical to the lipstick. I don't like to alter the colors too much so to keep it simple I'll just line, and apply.
The key to a perfect application is a good lip liner, some translucent powder (to apply around the lips to prevent bleeding,) practice and confidence!
What makes your Red lips look best is how you wear them. You have to own it! It's just lipstick, not a tattoo. I've come across so many women that are literally afraid to wear Red. I tell them that's nonsense! Put it on, forget about it and keep going. Enjoy it!
Wear it, don't let it wear you ;-)
Red lipstick is timeless and universal. It speaks for itself and can stand alone. What other makeup item can say that?
Keep it pretty!

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