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MOMday: Disney's Frozen (A Not-Quite Movie Review)

By Khourianya @khourianya
A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win four free passes to the advance screening of Disney's Frozen from Family Fun Calgary.  I'm not required to blog about it, but I figured it might be worth sharing my thoughts since it comes out this week.  I'm going to try my hardest to not spoil it.

1) The 3D Animation is INCREDIBLE!  Ok - I know, I'm an uber geek but I promise you will be impressed.
2) The two female lead characters are a teeny bit over sexualized for my liking.    The older sister transforms from this regular girl into a glittery, slinky thing in heels that is completely full of sway and wiggle and the younger one has this little dance scene where she is basically shimmying in a curtain while she talks about finding a man.   It was quite unnecessary to the story and was probably only put in there for the adults, but it is still there.
3) You will fall in love with Olaf, the snowman.  You will also fall in love with Sven, the reindeer.  You are probably already in love with them because of THIS trailer:

See.  told ya.
4)  The Mickey Mouse short that they played at the start of the screening was fantastic.  I still giggle just thinking about it.   There was something incredibly pure about a return to the feeling evoked by Walt Disney back in the 1930s about it.   I'd go back to the theater just to watch THAT again.
5) It had villains but they weren't the extremely TERRIFYING villians that have been in so many Disney and Pixar films.  The abominable snowman thing may make you jump a bit, but he won't give your kids nightmares and the other bad guys are pretty much just bad because of politics.   Even the older sister who freezes everything isn't too terrifying.  Remember, I have 4 and a half year old twins who are scared of EVERYTHING lately.  If they haven't had nightmares about this movie, your kids probably won't either.
MOMday: Disney's Frozen (A Not-Quite Movie Review)
6) Not too long, not too short.  Has a lesson in sisterly love.  All that Disney standby stuff. It is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Snow Queen"
7) The Rock Trolls are darn cute.
MOMday: Disney's Frozen (A Not-Quite Movie Review)
8) The music isn't terribly memorable, but that has a great upside in that your kids won't be singing it over and over and over again.  Kristen Bell has an incredible voice.  I didn't realize that the other sister was Idina Menzel (I had to look it up, but she played Lea Michelle's bio mom on Glee) and if I'd had to make a guess, I would have said the singer was Kristen Chenoweth. They sounded so similar.
I think thats about it.  I say go watch it.  My kids keep asking to go back again.  Buggie says she wants to "go to the Frozen movie in the movie theater all the time, all the time".  That's kind of a ringing endorsement.

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