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Mom’s Journey – Story of Mrs. Jyoti Narang Watchmaker

By Themommytale

I always firmly believe in - "Its not easy to be a Mom, If It were easy fathers were do it." We are here again with an inspiring story of a Mom,Her mantra is to stay happy always. Mrs. Jyoti Narang Watchmaker - Founder of many Online communities.

I loved the way she gave her introduction to us...

Films, food, fashion, fitness, friends- all these ingredients make the perfect recipe of my life... I love styling, makeup and to experiment with my looks- have a passion for fashion! From Power yoga to Zumba to Bokwa to Masala Bhangra to Bollyfit- if it makes me sweat, it makes me feel good! Writing is my profession as well as a stress buster Always happy to whip up a great meal for those willing. So food be it cooking or eating is first love!

Motherhood is a journey and Mrs. Jyoti Narang Watchmaker shares her jouney with us...

I really believe that just like a mother gives birth to a child, a child too gives birth to a mother. It's been a roller coaster ride, a mixed bag of sorts but the journey has had its ups and downs. I feel I have learnt a lot in this journey and have had some memorable experiences that I will always cherish.

None of us first time mothers know it all, we live, we experience, we share and then we learn and same was with me too. I am blessed that both my own mom and my mother-in-law were there with me in the initial days when Parikshit was born. I honestly was confused, clueless and had lots of questions. They both helped me a lot with their experience and guidance. Having a great support system at home encouraged me to take up a flexi time role when my son was 6 months old. I got a chance to breast feed him till he was one, as I could do that with the flexible work timings and help at home. We moved to Gurgaon from Mumbai when he was a year and 3 months, he was too small to realise the change in place, so the transition was smooth. Of course the usual deciding on the pre-school, finding the right paediatrician its more a task for a mom than a child. Who would know it better than a mom? And yes I feel never underestimate a mother's instinct. There were certain milestones which were delayed or were not there and somehow I did feel something wasn't right. Luckily now there is so much on the internet, the FB communities of moms where you can speak your heart out to other mums. At 2 and a half we took him to a child psychologist and he gave a diagnosis of ADHD as well as Asperger's Syndrome. I wouldn't deny that I was shattered and shocked, as you feel why your child? But it's always good to see the positives which were a huge support of my in laws which enabled me to work from home as well as we divided Parikshit's visit to the different therapists. As well as the fact that we got to know about it at such a tender age that we could that we can take effective remedial measures, empower him as well as impart him with the right skills and therapies. It was a different kind of learning for me as well. Today I would say that I am blessed that I see the positives:

Firstly we had the knowledge as well as the resources so that we got to know about it very early.

Secondly I learnt a lot about Autism and ADHD, seeing kids is much different than having one of your own. To see it positively there was learning in it for me.

Thirdly our kids are gifted, they may lack socially, don't have too many friends but they have us as their best friends and friends for life J

Fourthly, with perseverance and patience they can come at par with regular kids, they can excel if they are nurtured in the right environment.

Lastly, I learnt that sometimes it's ok to be different, not to compete, be happy with what you have and not be a part of rat race. Just go with the flow and in your pace.

She is the name behind 5 online communities. Jyoti Narang Watchmaker manages her virtual families i.e. online communities so well. Here is her mantra she shares with us..

I have always been a part of the media, having years of experience in journalism. The only difference was that as a journalist you meet and interact with so many new people every day. Here it was the same but rather that meeting face to face, you were interacting online. I am a very social person and I guess that pushed me to start my own small space on social media that eventually grew into a community. The Food Universe was born due to my passion for cooking and eating, I wanted to share it with the others too. That's how I decided to launch an only ladies food group. Blogging is an extension of my love for writing. As a journalist I was so used to writing features, reports and interviews- so blogging was naturally the next transition.

As you become mother the core attention goes to your child. So accordingly we all try and manage and adjust many routines and we face challenges as well. Here is what Jyoti Narang Watchmaker has to say for her professional life after she became a mom..

As mentioned earlier I had a strong support system to guide me. But you live and you learn, times have changed what was good for us, was not for our kids. So there was confusion, questions and challenges but I am blessed to have family and friends around me to fall back on. The joined back work when my son was 6 months old, but yes I couldn't join full time as I didn't want to stop breast feeding him, so I did a flexi time job. There were times when I needed to balance the need of my child, home and work. I had an offer from one of the most read and topmost women's magazine in India but I couldn't join as that meant travel time of 4 hours every day. So it was all about priorities and being content with you have rather than what you could have had.

She manages it so beautifully, Management is her core strength. Jyoti Narang Watchmaker shares her formula with us.

It's all about time management, having a solid support system at home and of course a great nanny J. Quality time with the child is important rather than just quantity. I can't talk for anyone else but myself, yes for me it's very important. I come from a renowned business family of Delhi, where after college most of the girls in our family were married off. Career was not of utmost importance but being a good home maker is necessary. But I have always followed my heart and passion. I got married when I felt it was right at 27, got into media which is about late nights and on field job. No girl in my family was in the media, or had really done a job. So what I am today I can proudly say that it was my own hard work and dedication. I did not have any clue or contacts when I started working as a journalist in college itself after my classes for the day ended. For me yes my work is sacred because I have put my heart, soul and years of dedication into it. Luckily for me my in laws and husband have been a huge support and have given wings to my dreams.

Mrs. Jyoti Narang Watchmaker is a inspiring mom, Community head, awesome foodie and a lovely friend. Here she shares her future goals with us.

My professional journey has been with a lot of hard work and learning. I started my career in college itself when I started working for The Times of India. Fresh out of college I worked for and a lot of other websites like,, and Then moved to publications with writing for Fashion Bloom, Child Magazine, Travel and Leisure, TOI-Gurgaon, Asia Spa, The Air India Magazine, Sahara Times, Touchdown, Zing and Incredible India while juggling my Master's degree in mass communication. My first full time job was with India Today as a Features writer for their afternoon tabloid Today (now its Mail Today). Then I moved to Dubai after I got married and worked for Emirates Today as Women's and Entertainment reporter. Post that as a beauty writer for gulf news. My work profile has included reporting and covering fashion events, writing features and trend stories on fashion, interviewing designers and celebrities. Covering lifestyle, Indian films, health, food, entertainment, celebrity interviews and women's issues. Also styling fashion and beauty shoots and having my own weekly columns.

I have also covered the India Fashion week, IIFA awards, Dubai Fashion Week and Dubai International Film Festival. I am honoured to have interviewed stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, the late Mrs. Benazir Bhutto, Hollywood star Van Damme and many more. After the birth of my son and moving to Gurgaon I ventured into event management and have done almost 40 events since 2012 till date both in Gurgaon and Mumbai. I also started my own home catering business from home and successfully ran it for 4 years in Gurgaon being covered by national media for it. So I really feel I have been a multi-tasker and multi-talented.

I haven't planned anything as the best laid plans go awry, knowing my husband's work we might have to move to another city soon so just going with a flow. Giving my best to whatever I do and yes love what I am doing. I am not in the rat race and going by my own pace.

We all Know doing so many thing is not a piece of cake. Here Jyoti Narang Watchmaker she shares some advice for our readers.

My message to all the women is if you have worked hard, do not give it up. In some way or the other stay connected to your work as that is when you will feel good and fulfilled not just as a mother but as a woman who has her own individuality. I too have compromised on jobs, changing cities, uprooting myself, settling down the family and kid in a new place, starting out again. But remember a happy and fulfilled woman makes for a mom who can be a rock solid support to her family. Also do not give up on your dreams, I still haven't , I still day dream of becoming Mrs India some day...;)

I Thank you, Mrs. Jyoti Narang Watchmaker , for sharing your journey with us it is truly inspiring and I wish you All the Best for future. I am sure her journey has touched you. You can check more about Jyoti Narang Watchmaker work here.

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