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Modest Men Rate Themselves as a 6 in the Sack – but Women Reckon They’re a 7

By 72point @72hub

Women reckon the average bloke scores seven out of ten in bed – but men only rate themselves as a SIX, according to new research. The study of 2,000 adults revealed that, despite public bravado, men actually have a more modest opinion of their sexual performance than women do.

But both men and women are agreed that overall, women score a six in the sack.

In fact, the majority of girls are so content with their current partner’s prowess they rate him higher than the ex – who only scores five out of ten.

Men also rate their ex-partner as a five in bed, appropriately lower than their existing girlfriend.

But despite this, men are much more likely to hanker over their ex-girlfriend – with a fifth even thinking about her when in bed with their present partner – one in 20 blokes have even shouted out their ex-partner’s name out during sex by accident.

Ben Dewhurst, spokesman for over 18s-only live chat room site Cam4 (NSFW) said:

“It is easy for the sexual side of a relationship to get stuck in a rut, when you remain monogamous and faithful to one person.

“Even the most loving of couples can get bored of the same routine, and of having relations in the same place and position all the time.

“But this research is reassuring for many, as it shows that even if couples aren’t having the wild and adventurous sex they had in the first few months of being together, they still rate their partners highly.

“Perhaps couples should take the time to spice things up a bit in the bedroom, and reignite old passions by trying new ways of making out.”

According to the research, only a fifth of all Brits believe the sex in their current relationship is perfect.

In fact when questioned, the average respondent has had sex just three times in the past four weeks.

‘Stagnant’, ‘stuck in a rut’ and ‘unadventurous’ are just some of the words used to describe existing sexual relationships, with a third admitting they’ve lost some of the excitement they had in the early days.

And although men have the higher sex drives and will have intercourse whenever and wherever allowed, one in 10 sometimes avoid hitting the sheets with their partner as they are often left dissatisfied.

The average woman polled has slept with eight different people to date, while men have slept with nine.

Our confidence tells a similar story – overall, just a fifth of people are worried about their own performance in bed, although two thirds think their partner is better in the sack than they are.

Ben Dewhurst added:

”When you have been in a relationship for a long time it is easy to see how you can get into a bit of a routine when it comes to sex.

”There is a lot of pressure on young men to perform well in the bedroom, but to be honest it is mostly down to confidence and how you feel about your body and your partner.

”And it takes two people to make a relationship work – the figures show that women are as sexually active as men are these days, and are therefore as responsible for making things work in the bedroom as men.

”From this study it is very clear that a large proportion of people in the UK could do with spicing up their sex life.”


- Women rate men 7 out of 10 at sex
- Men rate themselves as a 6 out of 10 at sex
- Men rate women as a 6 out of 10 at sex
- Woman rate themselves as a 6 out of 10 at sex
- Women rate their ex-partner as a 5 out of 10 at sex
- Men rate their ex-partner as a 5 out of 10 at sex
- The average person has had sex 3 times in the last 4 weeks
- The average woman has slept with 8 different people
- The average man has slept with 9 different people

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