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Missouri Lawyer Doug Healy Faced Opposition from Mother of His "bastard Child" When She Refused Abortion Demand, and Landowners Are Dug in Against Healy-backed Grain Belt Express Wind-energy Project

Posted on the 08 August 2019 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

Missouri Lawyer Doug Healy Faced Opposition from Mother

Image from Block Grain Belt Express

Missouri GOP attorney Douglas L. Healy has shown a propensity to harass and threaten the mother of his "bastard child in Poplar Bluff" when she refused his demands to get an abortion or give the child up for adoption. DeAnna Kelley, the child's mother who is raising their son (now age 4) on her own in Butler County, MO, has shown a willingness to fight back -- standing up to Healy's demands and unmasking him as a hypocritical creepy-crawly of the highest order, one who has willingly skipped out on three years of child-support payments. (See email embedded at the end of this post.)
But what about Healy's professional life, where he serves as general counsel for the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission (MJMEUC), which is pushing for the Grain Belt Express (GBE), a controversial $2.5-billion project that is designed to transmit wind energy from the Midwest to population hubs in the Northeast?
Healy, it appears, faces stiff opposition on that front, too. Rural property owners, who stand to lose chunk's of their property via eminent domain, seem less-than-thrilled that the Grain Belt Express could be zooming into their lives. The project, initiated by Texas-based Clean Line Energy now is led by Invenergy of Chicago.
Two groups -- Missouri Landowners’ Alliance (MLA) and Eastern Missouri Landowners' Alliance (EMLA)-- are leading the opposition in The Show-Me State and have stated they will take the matter to court following the Missouri Public Service Commission's approval of GBE earlier this year.
Block Grain Belt Express, a Web site affiliated with MLA, portrays BGE as essentially a land grab, driven by elites like Doug Healy -- a project that will be a blight on rural communities across the Midwest. From the Web site:
The Grain Belt Express is a massive 4,000-megawatt, direct-current electricity transmission line proposed by Clean Line Energy Partners LLC, a startup company from Houston, Texas. If completed, the line would originate in southwest Kansas near Dodge City, and would span 780 miles to the east and terminate in Indiana, where it would connect with the PJM grid that services the heavily populated northeast states.

The company claims the line would carry only wind generated power. However, Federal Law prohibits any transmission line from discriminating against any source of power. The northeast states, where the power would be transported, are home to some of this country’s very best wind resources just off their shores, according to the U. S. Department of Energy.

Grain Belt Express would impact upwards of 600 landowners in its 220 mile path across Missouri alone and would require more than 5,000 acres for the easement. Only a handful of landowners voluntarily signed an easement agreement prior to the first application.
Therefore, the project would constitute one of the largest condemnations of private land in Missouri history.

Will the transmission lines be unsightly? Block Grain Belt Express says the answer is yes and provides images (see top and bottom of this post) that support its position. From the Web site:
If approved, the use of eminent domain for a project with little or no benefit to our state would be a violation of property rights. The transmission line would place an enormous burden on landowners, as it would greatly decrease property values and farm productivity, while negatively impacting the quality of our lives and potentially affecting our health, safety, and environment.

Finally, the approval of the line would set a very dangerous precedent as other private companies will likely ask for the power of eminent domain for their business ventures with or without any benefit to the state of Missouri.

How far might Doug Healy and his brethren stoop to force the Grain Belt Express down the throats of Missouri landowners? Healy has shown he will take jaw-dropping steps against the mother of his "bastard child" -- including hiring multiple private investigators to tail her, and at least one of them even resorted to drone technology in an apparent effort to dig up dirt.

Image from Block Grain Belt Express

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