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Missing Aircraft and Missed Out Tourism of Malaysia

By Vishnudas
Missing Aircraft and Missed Out Tourism of Malaysia It was a controversial call when suddenly government and the airlines of Malaysia confirmed the mysterious disappearance of MH370. It was on March 8th when 239 people boarded the plane from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing ended up crashing near the wave of southern Indian Ocean.
The very irresponsive attitude shown by the government while delaying in broadcasting the information made Chinese people very anxious and angry and it was legitimate to be so cause majority of the people on plain were Chinese. As per the view of Reuters who after speaking with the families of Chinese people said such incident would have a very negative impact in political and tourism relation between two nations. In adequate call of information and late response has marked a severe downfall in Malaysian tourism which before the incident used to be the sole attraction of Chinese people. Travel agent while speaking with Reuters said the following incident has led to the downfall of tourism sector. Monthly we used to receive roughly around 30 to 40 passengers but now none of the people are calling and asking regarding the route that leads to the course of Malaysia. Chen while speaking with comfort travel said the incident would have a negative impact in front of the world. While in china the Chinese people are crying their anger in front of the Malaysian embassy demanding for adequate and correct information. One of the user of Chinese version of Twitter posted that such government should be punished rather the Chinese government should cut off its relation with the tourism sector of Malaysia. One of the blogger said in his post showed his discontentment while saying he had a plan to travel down there but the forge attitude and the negative response has made this nation really disgusting. Chinese deficit in Malaysian tourism have really scared the government regarding the downfall of Malaysian tourism. Prior to the incident they were very much on their way of achieving their goal but the downfall of GDP has arose a tough time for Malaysian tourism said by Merrill Lynch of America. Malaysia were focused on welcoming 28 million tourist by the end of this year and were very much on their way to earn the receipt of $ 23 billion but the continuous cancellation of tickets and trips would result in amnesty of tourism sector. Some Chinese travel agencies have cancelled group trips to Malaysia and stopped promoting cut-price tickets for fear of angering customers.  Chinese travel agencies to show their anger have stopped endorsing cut price ticket and during such circumstances the Airlines of Malaysia are really not in a favour to provoke and prelude anything said by Xu.
As per the online poll which was carried out by Sinas more than 77.5% of the global tourist would think to travel the wonders of Malaysia. Speaking on the context of such undesired occurrence the Malaysian Tourism Minister Nazri Aziz said Visit Malaysia Year the official road shows in China would be call off until the mystery of MH370 is solved. 

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