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Miri Regev to Move Ministry's Offices to Jerusalem

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The first action to be taken by Minister of Culture Miri Regev is going to be moving the ministry's offices to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.
source: Ynet
I have no problem with that, and I would also have no problem with the office's remaining in Tel Aviv. Truth is, I don't really care much either way. Government offices don't need to be located in the capital city, but the capital city is definitely worthy of hosting any and every government ministry's offices.
That being said, I do think such a move is worthy, especially because the capital city in question is our Jerusalem. The move should not be criticized as a "nationalist", i.e. unworthy, decision. If we want the United States and other countries to recognize Jerusalem as our capital, to put "Jerusalem, Israel" on our passports, to move their embassies to Jerusalem, then we might do the same with our own offices. When we treat our capital city as our capital city, maybe eventually others will as well.
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