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MindMeld Unveils New Platform to Enable Every Enterprise to Build Their Own Star-Trek-like Voice Assistant

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs

Innovative MindMeld 2.0 platform gives any business state-of-the-art AI technology to streamline product and content discovery and automate customer support.


SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – MindMeld (formerly Expect Labs), the AI technology pioneer in intelligent voice interfaces, announced today the launch of MindMeld 2.0, the first technology platform for creating large-scale language-understanding and question-answering capabilities on apps and devices for any custom content domain. This platform enables enterprises to leverage their own proprietary data collections for the first time towards creating cutting-edge voice experiences which surpass the performance of general-purpose, consumer voice products like Siri, Cortana or Amazon Echo.

The MindMeld platform, initially launched in 2014, powers advanced voice experiences used by some of the largest cable operators, government agencies, automotive companies, and content providers. MindMeld 2.0 represents the next generation of this powerful platform and is currently in trial by leading online services, including music streaming service Spotify.

“Voice is becoming a critical part of content discovery, navigation and search,” said Lawrence Kennedy, senior product manager at Spotify. “With MindMeld 2.0, we are exploring how we can leverage the rich metadata of Spotify’s catalog of content to create an intuitive and convenient voice experience to take music discovery and playback to the next level.”

Over the past 12 months, consumer adoption of voice assistant applications has surged on smartphones. Today, hundreds of millions of users worldwide perform nearly ten billion voice searches every week using products such as Siri, Cortana and OK Google. Intelligent voice assistants enable users to find quick answers to a range of questions related to popular consumer topics such as celebrities, weather, music, movies, trivia and more.

The company’s research indicates that while consumers are increasingly relying on voice assistants on smartphones, they also want voice support on other devices and applications. Accordingly, businesses will need to embrace this technology to automate requests for product information, customer support, and more on their apps, devices and websites. While most businesses own the proprietary data collections and traffic logs required to power voice applications, they are unlikely to have the knowhow or access to advanced AI technology required to do so. MindMeld 2.0 provides this capability in an end-to-end platform. For the first time, enterprises can utilize their proprietary data to deliver Star Trek-like voice experiences of talking to devices and applications conversationally, as people talk to one another.

MindMeld 2.0 is specifically designed to enable enterprises to create advanced voice interfaces that are demonstrably intelligent and accurate for search and navigation of any custom content domain. MindMeld 2.0 is the only technology solution to offer:

  • State-of-the-art natural language understanding technology that demonstrates human-like accuracy for any custom content collection
  • Advanced question-answering capabilities which deliver exceptional performance for truly large vocabulary domains that may contain billions of possible questions
  • Flexible deployment options, including a managed cloud offering as well as on-premise enterprise configurations.

“For the first time since the dawn of AI, it is now possible to build applications which can understand natural human language with high enough accuracy to prove useful for a wide range of tasks,” said Tim Tuttle, chief executive officer and founder of MindMeld. “With the launch of MindMeld 2.0, this powerful technology can be enlisted by thousands of companies to create next-generation voice experiences which will delight their customers.”

Backed by Google, Samsung, and Intel, MindMeld has pioneered the AI technology behind the emerging generation of intelligent voice applications. Voice interfaces are rapidly gaining new popularity as the fastest and most efficient way to find information. Research conducted by the company indicates that not only do 60% of smartphone users use voice search capabilities, but more than 80% of voice users adopted this feature in only the past 12 months. Additional research by comScore suggests that 50% of web searches by 2020 will be done with voice, creating a $50 billion opportunity that is up for grabs in the United States alone. MindMeld 2.0 is the first platform designed to help enterprises serve the many consumers clamoring for the convenience, ease, and fun of voice in more of their applications and devices.

More information is available at or [email protected].

About MindMeld
Founded in 2011, MindMeld (formerly Expect Labs) has pioneered the AI technology behind the emerging generation of intelligent voice applications. The MindMeld platform currently powers advanced voice experiences used by some of the largest cable operators, government agencies, automotive companies, and content providers. MindMeld’s customers and investors include Google, Samsung, Intel, Telefonica, Liberty Global, IDG, USAA, and others. MindMeld has been widely recognized as a leader in the field of voice-driven computing and was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the “100 Brilliant Companies” of 2015 and by MIT Technology Review as one of the world’s “50 Smartest Companies” of 2014. More information about MindMeld is available at

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