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Mindfulness: Slowing Down To Speed Up. Inspiration Sauce With Paige Burkes

By Saraholeary @saraholeary
Stack of Rocks, Cattle Point, San Juan Island

photo: Ryan Harvey

Here’s the next installment of Inspiration Sauce – my new interview series where I delve into fun conversation with some of the most interesting and inspirational midlife women I know.
Women who have touched my life and healed my spirit in some way, women that might do the same for you.
I originally envisioned interviewing herbalists and health coaches for this series.
But then I thought, why stop there?
After all Holistic Hot Sauce is about much more than wellness for our external bodies. Here, I explore my own journey (and YOURS) to healing and wellness from the inside out, and how to turn up our inner pilot lights so we can shine that beacon out to the world.
Inspiration Sauce will highlight women that are blasting their own light out into our (sometimes) bleak world. They are making a real difference – not just in the lives of countless women but to our planet as a whole.
as I mentioned in my first Inspiration Sauce session with Amy Grams, I’ll be varying the format of these interviews. Sometimes they’ll be in text form, others I’ll offer you an audio or video experience.

Thoughts from Mindfulness Mentor Paige Burkes

Have you ever felt like life is speeding by way too fast – there’s not even enough time to take a deep breath, much less make steps toward your goals?

Paige Burkes, of Simple Mindfulness has some real experience and practical tips for slowing down that speeding train we call life.

After reinventing her own life and finding inner resources and strengths she never thought she had, Paige now lives amongst the natural glory of the Colorado mountains where she raises her family on her own terms.

And by the way, this is while working full time! And here I thought that juggling multiple responsibilities and remaining mindful were somehow impossible to do together! This is just one of the reasons why Paige inspires me so much.

I feel like we need a drum roll here:  today I present to you the first video blog ever on this site!

Wait, don’t get out the popcorn just yet.

It’s not Hollywood, and you don’t have to actually ‘watch’ this video to get the benefit. You can also download it to your phone or mp3 player and listen to the interview while walking, driving to work, or doing whatever. No need to stay glued to your computer unless you love watching our beautiful faces, LOL.

I’ll confess:  getting this video up is a pretty big deal for me. I’ve wanted to experiment with video on the blog, like, forever – but somehow it never happens. In addition to resistance and technophobia, this is related to my huge (HUGE!) aversion to seeing myself on video.

But I’m slowly busting through those mental obstacles.

I tend to be a perfectionist, and to say that it is ‘difficult’ or ‘challenging’ to just post this video today would be an understatement. It is far from perfect, and I finally just accepted that right now I am not going to create the “perfect” video.

It’s dawned on me that what’s more important than perfect is sharing this information – my hope is that you glean some inspiration to bust through some of your own internal obstacles.

Mindfulness: Slowing Down To Speed Up. Inspiration Sauce With Paige Burkes

Or, right-click here to download this interview to your phone or mp3 player. (Control-click on the mac.)

Listen to our conversation and learn:

  • How Paige found the courage to quit her corporate cubicle job to jump into the unknown and ultimately find her life purpose.
  • What is mindfulness really? How this ‘buzzword’ can make a huge difference in YOUR life.
  • What are some steps to moving to a more mindful lifestyle.
  • What is is mindful eating, and why is it important?
  • The paradox of slowing down to speed up. The counter-intuitive pathway to creative inspiration (and getting more done!)
  •  Why the practice of mindfulness can hold a special resonance for midlife women.
  • How to take the angst out of making choices and decisions.
  • How we can use mindfulness to cultivate the body we want to live in. (Hint – it’s not about just the diet and exercise)

If that last is of particular interest to you, be sure to check out Paige’s amazing Mindful Body Program. Paige takes you on a journey to loving your own body – while achieving the weight loss results that have eluded you thus far. You can also download her free MIndful LIving Guides.

And now it’s your turn! How does mindfulness fit into YOUR life? (Or does it?)
I’m so curious to hear your thoughts on this video format, and this interview in particular. Drop me a comment below (note you don’t have to sign in anymore!), or hit me up on Facebook!


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