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Millennials Love Guns as Shooting Sports Rapidly Gain Popularity in High Schools

Posted on the 17 September 2015 by Mikeb302000
The Washington Times
“What separates shooting sports from stick-and-ball sports is that when it’s time for our kids to go to a tournament, all the kids can compete — heavy, thin, tall, short, fast, slow, boy or girl — it doesn’t make them any different,” Mr. Wondrash said. “That’s what really lends itself to our sport.”
The SSSF has programs in 42 states and has seen participation grow from about 6,000 students four years ago to 13,000 now, Mr. Wondrash said.
Competitive shooting has become so popular and accepted in certain communities that some high schools award varsity letters for trapshooting. National organizations like the SSSF help students assemble teams, train coaches to teach athletes how to safely fire a gun and organize competitions and championships for teams.

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