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Michael Jace - Shield Actor Arrested After His Wife Dies in Shooting at Their Family Home

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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This is a recent story coming out of Los Angeles. Michael Jace the 50 year old actor from TV series The Shield where he plays a cop and who has appeared in films such as Forrest Gump was arrested last night after a shooting at his family home at approximately 20.30 hrs. His wife April was found dead after neighbours heard several shots being fired.

MichaelJace natal

Jace (born 13/07/1965 in Paterson, NJ - no birth time) has his natal chart under a lot of stress. He has a close Saturn opposition to Pluto and Uranus at 17 degrees of Pisces and Virgo and transiting Chiron, the planet of wounding is exactly conjunct his Saturn right now. That stressful opposition on his natal chart is squared by Jupiter, thus any hit on it will be amplified enormously. I also notice that transiting Mercury was close to this Jupiter making a square aspect to his natal Saturn, thus I can assume he would have been criticized or chastised in some manner at this time, words or comments that may have hurt him. A domestic dispute I think is something that was possible last night in the light of this square. Cancerians like Michael are very family orientated and they can get very hurt, irritable and moody, especially if it comes from their nearest and dearest.

MichaelJace transits 19052014

Transiting Saturn is sitting in a conjunction with his natal Neptune like many in his age group now, and this conjunction will be causing him a lot of stress and maybe depressive thoughts as well. Transiting Mars was last night turning direct at 9 Libra conjunct to his natal Mars @ 7 degrees Libra, therefore it is likely that he was more susceptible to anger and rage at this time than normal. Transiting Neptune is making a very close inconjunct to that Mars, thus confusion would be surrounding his actions.

Transiting Uranus was making a trine to his proud Venus Mercury conjunction in Leo, therefore unexpected events in his relationships could occur, and he would likely be pretty outspoken and also more accident prone than normal. Uranus also was making an inconjunct to Pluto, a destructive and separating aspect which seems on this occasion to have triggered a death that he is now having to deal with. It is also possible that transiting Jupiter would have been opposite his natal Capricorn Moon and this would make him more emotional, however I don't know his time of birth to be sure of this.

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