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Miami Bound – A Video Poem – Verse Us (Poems by Me)

By Andrew Furst @a_furst

Miami Bound

A poem on the memory of driving from New Orleans to Miami. My band had played at Mardi Gras and our next gig was in Miami.  I took the night shift drive.

Miami Bound

Pink Elephants on the horizon.
Liquid zonker the night before,
but now come the delusions
playing on the approaching sunrise.

Halfway ‘tween New Orleans and Miami.
and singing
with the cassette player.

Pushing on, pocketing doubts and insecurities.
The next exit, the
next pullover;

Setting my limit to each milestone.
working these decisions,
like boulders,
around in my head

The road is where you first taste the insignificance
that the stars whispered to you as a child.
There are so many of us.
The weight of importance dissolves
watching the cars carrying all those dreams around.
Tail lights blurring in my eyes.

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