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Mexican Politicians and Police Are Being Manipulated by Drug Cartels

Posted on the 09 December 2017 by Darkwebnews @darkwebnews

Drug cartels in Mexico near the border between Mexico and the United States of America have infiltrated the Mexican politicians and policemen.

The drug cartels have been bribing the state's officers and recruiting them into their business.

Mexican Politicians and Police Are Being Manipulated by Drug Cartels

The Mexico-US border has been the most porous border where crime and drug cartels takes place in past years.

The drug cartels have been accused of killing thousands of people for what is seen as control of the drug territory.

In recent years, Mexico has seen the level of violence rise to an alarming level. This is because the number of drug cartels fighting of control has increased in number, which has become deadly.

Mexican Cartels and the U.S. Border

Drug cartels and related operations have a great history in Mexico, with many factors contributing to this. The arguably largest cause of their rise is the availability of product-hungry market in the streets of United States, and also the corruption level in the Mexican administration which results in the cartel's growth.

The level of corruption in the Mexican police and other state personnel have made it difficult for Americans law enforcement to handle the cartels.

Reports have shown that the police chiefs and judicial officers have been recruited to the cartels as leaders, leading to complacency in investigating cases regarding drug cartel killings and their illegal business operations.

2017 has seen the highest level of murder and disappearances of people living in the affected towns, namely the border towns. The illegal activities also include the human trafficking, or in other words, the smuggling of people into the United States.

This has prompted the American government to develop and push for the enforcement of strict immigration laws and punishment of those found guilty of illegal entry into the country.

The current administration has been termed as the most controversial one in recent history in regards to dealing with illegal and undocumented immigrants, especially in contrast to the previous administration.

The President of United States of America, Donald Trump, has been cited in his campaigns stating that his administration will build a border wall between the United States with Mexico.

According to some activist and other stakeholders, the move to build a wall is not humane, whereas others see it as the remedy to the main problem; this has become a major dividing controversy within the U.S. since his campaigns.

After taking office, Donald Trump has been strict in signing executive orders to control the immigration into America.

Drug Cartels Corrupting Mexican Authorities

Due to the level of corruption in the Mexican administration, victims of violence have gone to the American justice system to seek justice.

This has not been met with good terms by the cartels, who have been retaliating through killings and subsequent burnings, with bodies being thrown into the desert.

During hearings in Texas courts, people have come out as witnesses of the infiltration of the drug cartels into Mexico's political realm. The Mexican politicians have been accused of accepting bribes and other benefits from cartels.

The drug cartels have been evolving from street-based operations to well-organized criminal enterprises, making the situation even more difficult for the Mexican government to control.

The relationship between police officers and other law enforcement with drug cartels have been close throughout the Mexican territory.

The Mexican government has been quick to respond to the allegations of them meddling with investigations and fight against drug cartels, particularly in the case of politicians and police officers from the state of Coahuila being accused of receiving money from the cartels.

According to the Human Rights Clinic of the University of Texas School of Law and the Diocesan Center for Human Rights in Coahuila, the level of organized crime in the streets of Mexico has surpassed the norm.

The two human rights groups have cited that the drug cartels in Coahuila have been in the bid to control most of the institutions of democracy, including the judiciary system and the police. Their effort has born success as the cartels have been in control of the territory for an extended period.

Nations' Efforts to Combat the Cartels

Pointing fingers have become the norm of the day in the Mexican administration, including at officers who have been mandated to arrest anyone who is suspected of drug trafficking.

Due to the complicated nature of the operations in the Mexican cities, efforts to mitigate any cartel business have been arguably ineffective. The availability of guns and funds to the cartels have made them stronger in a significant way.

According to most experts, the crime level in Mexicans cities is likely to go higher than the current level due in large part to most people being poor and living below the poverty level. This has contributed adversely to the rise of drug cartels, who erode most government offices with their corrupt ways.

The war on drugs has been heightened since the reign of President Felipe Calderon, who sent thousands of troops to different Mexican states to fight cartels. The rivalry between the army, drug cartels and law enforcement has been so chaotic that it has resulted in many deaths around the country.

The amount of money spent to fight the cartels around Mexico's streets and bring back normalcy has grown too high for sustenance.

The American government has injected millions of dollars into this scheme, adding up to around $3 billion on security since 2007.

The Mexican government has gotten into the worst economic pinch since 2007, as it has used around $54 billion on security and defence.

Despite the high concentration, the cartels have succeeded in their malicious acts day in and day out.

The witnesses that testified in U.S. court have explained the level of infiltration by the Los Zetas into the law enforcement, state prosecution, the army and politics to be worrying, noting that they have integrated the state into their drug trafficking deals at the local level.

Mexican Politicians and Police Are Being Manipulated by Drug Cartels


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