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Merry Christmas! Richie Rich Merry Christmas Doll Posted

Posted on the 22 December 2017 by Hmcurator
Richie Rich Merry Christmas doll front view

Before I get busy unwrapping presents and eating and visiting friends and relatives, I would like to take a moment to wish all of you, my readers, a very merry Christmas!

Today we have a vinyl doll of Richie Rich emerging from a money bag, or possibly a sack of presents. The bag says “Merry Christmas” on one side, and “Richie Rich” on the other. There is a suction cup on a string, to display the doll in a window or such, but I have not tried to do this. This doll was made the year prior to the infamous “Happy Houday” doll. Both were made by Good Stuff. I suspect that the Pilgrim doll I featured for Thanksgiving was also made by Good Stuff, but without a tag, I have no way of proving it.

Richie Rich Merry Christmas doll

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