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Mercury Conjunct to Fixed Star Menkar - The Voices of the Many Speak as One

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Mercury conjunct to fixed star Menkar - The voices of the many speak as one

This connection occurs at 14.33 degrees Taurus, is active now and until 27th May 2106.

This is a longer than normal planet and star connection as Mercury is turning direct on this star, and one that should not be ignored. Menkar is one of the main stars in the constellation of Cetus, the Whale. This is a very difficult and rather nasty constellation, and rather than the peaceful vision of a whale that we normally are accustomed to, this beast from the deep is more like a great sea monster, indeed Cetus depicts the whale that swallowed Jonah. Cetus in Greek mythology was sent to devour Andromeda, the princess who was chained to the rocks, however Perseus saved her by turning the monster to stone with the Medusa's head that he had previously cut off the Gorgon.

Cetus patrolling the deep seas is a threatening figure and it inhabits a region where man rarely ever goes. Like the waters of the oceans, here is great power and uncontrollable force, and the fluid nature of the vast oceans can be compared to the fluctuations and variability of the human collective unconscious. Here we have insight and an ability to tap into what the masses want and need, and yet this star is a difficult influence and it is just as likely to be connected to mayhem, hysteria and collective worry and chaos. With Menkar you can just as much be carried along on a wave of mass adoration as you can be a victim or martyr to the collective's hatred and dislike. Robson's assessment of Menkar is not particularly happy reading. He said "it caused diseases, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune".

Mercury conjunct to fixed star Menkar - The voices of the many speak as one

Mercury is the planet of communication and language, of ideas and of transportation and travel, therefore the many will speak as one now, maybe someone will have some insight that can solve a major problem or there will be a revelation that shocks society? Possibly a prominent figure will end up a martyr and in disgrace because of the deeds or words they utter? Now may be a time when you can solve the impossible problem, or an idea will catch the wind and be taken up by many people? This is a connection of fame and fortune, of ruin and disgrace and this time with Mercury trine to Jupiter and Pluto the effects of this important conjunction could have far reaching effects.

The lesson for today and the next few days is to you to trust your intuition now, and maybe you will reap the rewards...

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