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Mental Yoga Sunday (#51) :: Favorite Long Reads of the Week

By Ventipop @ventipop
"The easy calls have been made in dealing with California's wildfire crisis. We're clearing brush, spending on firefighters, hastening insurance claims. We've tied the pay of utility executives to their companies' safety records. To save lives - and liability costs - during red flag conditions, we've cut power to great swaths of the state.
We've spent billions...But it hasn't been enough, and as Californians now face the realities of climate change by the terrified millions, the only choices left are hard vs. hard: Black out even more people. Ban wildland homebuilding. Bury power lines. Build microgrids. Break up the state's largest utility - the bankrupt one supplying half of the state - and give its aging, spark-spewing equipment to taxpayers or customers or hedge funds or Warren Buffett. Burn nature before it burns you.
So what are our options at this point, assuming we get through this season? Here are a few - with pros, cons and political odds. "
- Julie Cart & Judy Lin

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