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Men, Cars & Travel: How to Survive a Road Trip with Your Man!

By Juliet Siu @Lacenruffles
Men, Cars & Travel: How to Survive a Road Trip with Your Man!

Oh, the joy of summer road trips! From the oh-so-Instagram-worthy sights to those selfie stops and the thrill of travelling the roads unexplored, there are way too many reasons why we adore seeing places on our four wheels. However, having fights with your man over directions and route (or possibly tearing your hair out at the same time) simply isn't one of those. Yep, trust me fellow travellettos, sometimes getting from A to B without a meltdown just isn't as easy-peasy as ABC when you have a travel companion who shares the drive (or wants to instruct you on how to drive).

But let me tell you, ladies. there's hope. You just need the know-how.

Well, lucky you can count on me to share a few tricks and tips - all tried and tested from my recent road trip to the Hunter Valley with my other half. For your reference, me and my Mr have also driven thousands of kilometres along the Sothern France coast on our honeymoon and are still happily married - #winning. So here you have it, 4 simple tips to survive a road trip with your man so you can get to your destination while keeping your sanity and your wedding ring. You're welcome.

Men, Cars & Travel: How to Survive a Road Trip with Your Man!

1 ♥ Plan Your Fuel Stop

Men, Cars & Travel: How to Survive a Road Trip with Your Man!

I'm talking about fuel for the tummies after hours of driving - nothing's worst than having a grumpy man sitting next to you who's han-gry (note: hungry & angry). Doing a bit of itinerary planning and destination research go a long way to ensure your man gets fed before he's too desperate. If you leave it till too late, chances are that you might get dragged into the service stations and have to settle for a greasy, cold and unappetising sausage roll.

I usually have my Zomato and Tripadvisor apps on to search for recommended eateries at my next stop. I'd recommend making a booking with your estimated arrival time to have your meal stops all planned out.

2 ♥ BYO Car Snacks

Part of the thrill of road tripping is definitely the car snacks, don't you agree? I have so much fond memories of holiday road trips with my Haribo gummy bears as a little girl. But these days I'm trying to tick my wellness goals and am watching my sugar intake. Yet, it's simply too hard to resist the temptation when your man is constantly munching on chips and Snickers bars while you're in the passenger seat. So for the sake of my wellness and that of my Mr, I always pack my car snacks. The keys to preparing healthy car snacks (that actually get eaten) are that they have to be pleasing for the eyes - go for food that keeps okay under the heat in the car.

My favourite car snacks are these organic honey roasted almonds which you can find my recipe here. They're filling, delicious and packed with natural goodness - what's not to love? Other favourite snacks staples in my car are coconut water packs, dried prunes, raw cacao nibs and bananas. It's all about keeping hunger at bay and tummies happy and healthy at the same time.

Men, Cars & Travel: How to Survive a Road Trip with Your Man!

3 ♥ Tech Gadgets & Earphones

Even if you and your sweet pie usually have all the topics on earth to chat about, you still need some distraction at times. We're talking about spending 8 hours+ together on the road in a confined space. Having tech gadgets such as tablets really helps so there is something for you to play with when that moment of awkward silence hits after an in-car fight.

Earphones are also your best friend. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being anti-social here (or anti-romance in this case). If your man is sick of listening to hours of beauty vlog or your favourite funny cat compilations on Youtube, why don't you just plug in for a while and let him listen to his Spotify list? Problem solved!

4 ♥ Navigation

If there's ever a survey done on the most common reason for breakups while on the road, I'm sure it has to be arguments over driving directions (hands up if you feel me?). Yep, it can get pretty heated when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere and are 300 kilometres away from your next stop. My go to driving navigation app, like everyone else, is, of course, the trusty Google Map. However, being on Australian country roads several times has taught me the important lesson of not to reply on any navigation apps that require an internet connection. Either download the map for offline reference, or take screenshots on your mobile. I also try to familiarise myself with the route to my next destination before I hit the road so that I get a better sense of direction. If you drive a fancy car with built-in satellite navigation system, check for the most recent updates before you hit the road.

Hooray to no more heated debate about turning left or right at the next intersection with your man. #Amen.

Men, Cars & Travel: How to Survive a Road Trip with Your Man!

P.S. These ideas are adapted from this video on on how to survive road trips with kids based on my personal experience. Note to the gents: by no means here I'm comparing kids to men so please don't feel offended.

Okay, let's talk some serious business here - surviving the road requires more planning than your selection of in-car snacks and entertainment! You need to check your engine, your tyres and tick off a whole list of pre-trip things in order to ensure that you're safe on the road. If you're planning that road trip you've been dreaming about and need some pro tips, head over to - the site offers some very handy resources on useful tips and tricks for keeping your drive maintained and road trip ready.

So tell me fellow travelling dame, how do you survive long road trips with your man? Have you ever had any road trip disaster that ruined your relationship? I certainly hope not! Let's help a sister out here by sharing your know-how to make the distance without any crisis!

Until next time. Stay adventurous.

Men, Cars & Travel: How to Survive a Road Trip with Your Man!
Disclaimer: this post was written in collaboration with while all tips and opinions are genuinely my own.

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